What Civics have the R18 engine?

The R18A is a member of the Honda R-series. It came to replace the D17 of the previous D engine family. This new 1.8-liter four-cylinder gasoline engine was launched with the 8G Civic in 2006. The engine has an aluminum high-rigidity cylinder block with new lower block construction.

What is a civic R18?

R18 is the lx, Ex, Ex-l engine type. It 1.8 liter engine that is NOT in an Si. The Si has the 2.0. We also have body style types, like FD2, FD1.

What Hondas have the R18 engine?


  • 2006–2012 Honda Civic (South Africa/Thailand/Malaysia/Indonesia/Philippines/Taiwan/Japan/Indian-market FD1, American/Canadian-market FA1 & FG1)
  • 2007–2009 Honda FR-V (European-market BE1)
  • 2008-2015 Honda City.
  • 2007-2014 Honda Stream. Displacement: 1.8 L; 109.8 cu in (1,799 cc) SOHC iVTEC (Chain driven cam)

How much horsepower can an R18 handle?

Registered. Without tuning you can run 5/6 psi on a stock R18. So I would say 180/200 HP.

Does vtec make a car faster?

Honda developed its Variable Valve Timing & Lift Electronic Control (VTEC) technology to make its cars quicker, more efficient, and more enjoyable to drive overall.

Can you tune an R18?

A complete tune, everything you need to get the R18 running even better at part and WOT! Unlimited revisions for when the modifications don’t change, so if the car is not perfect yet, we will still tune it until perfect even if at Rev8-9 etc, as long as mods are the same.

Can you turbo a R18 engine?

So TSI supplied Hondata with their Air Flow Meter housing for their Civic Si turbo, modified to fit the R18 engine bay….Hondata And TSI Help The Non-SI Pack On Some Muscle.

The car: 2006 Civic EX
Stock engine: R18 1.8L inline four
Stock horsepower: 140@6,300
Stock torque: 128@4,300
Transmission: five-speed manual

What are the most common problems with Honda Civics?

Top Honda Civic Problems

  • Airbag Light Due to Failed Occupant Position Sensor.
  • Bad Engine Mounts May Cause Vibration, Roughness, and Rattle.
  • Power Window Switch May Fail.
  • Hood Release Cable May Break at Handle.
  • Possible Shift Control Solenoid Fault.
  • Wipers Won’t Park Due to Windshield Wiper Motor Failure.

What are the specs of a Honda Civic R18A?

1 Engine Specs 2 R18A, R18Z Engine Problems and Reliability. Knocking sound. Usually, the Evap canister purge valve produces that sound. This is normal for the R18. 3 Modifications. R18A1 – 141 hp (104 kW) at 6,300 rpm, 128 lb-ft (174 Nm) at 4,300 rpm. Application: Honda Civic, Honda FR-V, Honda City, and Honda Stream.

Is the Honda R18A a 2.0 liter engine?

The i-VTEC system allows it to operate as a 2.0-liter engine when required, and at the same time, also provides the fuel economy of a 1.5-liter engine. In 2012, the R18A was replaced by a modified version – the R18Z.

How big is the intake valve on a Honda R18?

The R18 doesn’t have hydraulic tappets (checking and adjusting valve clearance is needed every 25,000 miles or 40,000 km). The valve clearance for intake valves is 0.18-0.22 mm, for exhaust – 0.23-0.27 mm. The intake valve diameter is 32 mm, the exhaust – 26 mm.