What caused the UK riots 2011?

Ten years ago this week, riots spread across London and other major English cities, sparked by the death of 29-year-old Mark Duggan, who was shot dead by police in Tottenham on 4 August 2011. The riots – the biggest in modern English history – lasted for five days and swept the capital, from Wood Green to Woolwich.

How did the 2011 riots start?

The 2011 riots emerged out of a peaceful march to demand information about the death of Mark Duggan, a black man from Tottenham, north London, who had been shot dead by the police on August 4.

Who started the Bradford riots?

They occurred as a result of heightened tension between the large and growing British Asian communities and the city’s white majority, escalated by confrontation between the Anti-Nazi League and far right groups such as the British National Party and the National Front.

What year was the riot in England?

August 6, 2011
2011 England riots/Start dates

When did the London riots end?

August 6, 2011 – August 11, 2011
2011 England riots/Periods

What started Brixton riots?

In the Spring of 1981, tensions between the local community and the police in Brixton escalated to riots after police stopped a motorist believing the car he was driving was stolen. During the arrest, youths gathered around the area, which resulted in the police bringing in officers in riot gear.

What riots happened in 2011?

The 2011 England riots, more widely known as the London riots, were a series of riots between 6 and 11 August 2011….

2011 England riots
Firefighters douse a shop and flats destroyed by arson during the initial rioting in Tottenham
Date 6–11 August 2011 (copycat incidents continued after this period)

What started the Broadwater Farm riots?

It was one of the main triggers of the riot, in a context where tensions between local black youth and the largely white Metropolitan Police was already high, due to a combination of local issues and the aftermath of another riot which had occurred in the Brixton area of London the previous week, following the shooting …

What is Bradford known for?

The city is already known as an industrial revolution boom town that gave the world textiles. And its reputation for some of the finest curry restaurants in the UK is secure. But Bradford’s legacy extends wider than that.

What is the Cantle report?

The ground breaking Report – known as The ‘Cantle Report’ – was produced in December 2001 and made around 70 recommendations. It also created the concept of ‘parallel lives’ to describe communities that had little in common and had no contact with each other.

Where did the Urumqi riots take place in July?

Demonstrations began on the evening of 5 July with a protest in the Grand Bazaar, a prominent tourist site, and crowd reportedly gathering at the People’s Square area. The demonstration began peacefully, and official and eyewitness accounts reported that it involved about 1,000 Uyghurs; the WUC said approximately 10,000 protesters took part.

Where was the riots in China in July 2009?

Shaoguan, the location of the incident that sparked protests in July 2009. Ürümqi is marked in green. The riots took place several days after a violent incident in Shaoguan, Guangdong, where many migrant workers are employed as part of a programme to alleviate labour shortages.

When was the last time there was riots in Xinjiang?

Tensions between Uyghurs and Han have resulted in waves of protest in recent years. Xinjiang has been the location of several instances of violence and ethnic clashes, such as the Ghulja Incident of 1997, the 2008 Kashgar attack, widespread unrest preceding the Olympic Games in Beijing, as well as numerous minor attacks.