What can you do with a level 2 in accounting?

Jobs after completing AAT Level 2 qualification:

  • Trainee Bookkeeper.
  • Accounts Administrator.
  • Accounts Clerk.
  • Trainee Finance Assistant.
  • Trainee accounts technician.

What does AAT Level 2 qualify you for?

This is a Level 2 qualification that gives you a thorough introduction to accounting practices including essential knowledge such as double-entry bookkeeping and costing. It’s ideal if you have no previous accounting or finance experience and are looking to get your first role in the industry.

Does AAT make you a qualified accountant?

It’s a common question among those looking to go into accounting. There are no legal requirements that restrict you from carrying out accounting tasks in a professional capacity without gaining a qualification. So technically, anyone can call themselves an accountant.

What is Level 2 bookkeeping?

This Level 2 qualification delivers the skills and essential knowledge to manage books effectively. It includes manual double entry bookkeeping, and associated documents and processes, up to trial balance standard.

Can I be an accountant with AAT Level 3?

AAT level 3 is a great level in the AAT accounting qualification because it builds on the knowledge you have learnt at level 2, and sets you up for level 4. However, the knowledge built from your level 2 studies will give you a great kick start towards the Advanced Diploma in Accounting qualification.

How quickly can you do AAT Level 2?

According to the AAT: Level 2 (Foundation Certificate in Accounting) usually takes around 12 months, but can be done in as little as 6 months. Our Academic Support team says: Based on 6-8 hours per week, plus exams, you can expect to finish Level 2 in around 6-12 months.

Does AAT Level 4 make you a qualified accountant?

Once you’ve completed AAT Professional Diploma (level 4) you can go on to do the full ACCA qualification and become a chartered accountant, but you will also be able to apply for some exam exemptions (see below). ACCA is considered a much harder qualification to achieve, but the rewards are well worth the effort.

Can I call myself an accountant without a degree?

Accounting is basically the recording and reporting of business and financial transactions. Anyone who does that function can call themselves an accountant, even without a degree in accounting, although typically an accountant does have an accounting-related degree.