What can teachers salary sacrifice WA?

Items that are concessionally treated; and/or exempt benefits include:

  • employee superannuation (to the Government Employee Superannuation Board (GESB) or a private superannuation fund)
  • motor vehicles (for private use) and by way of novated lease.
  • e-bikes.
  • childcare (employer provided only)

Can you salary sacrifice education expenses?

Whether you want to learn a new skill or build on existing knowledge, you can use pre-tax dollars to pay for self-education expenses. Salary packaging self-education expenses means you don’t have to wait until tax time to claim on your job-related education initiatives.

Can you salary sacrifice rent WA?

Salary packaging, also known as salary sacrificing, can save you thousands by making payments from your pre-tax earnings. In Western Australia, salary packaging can be applied to cars, home loan repayments, rent, super utilities and even meals and entertainment.

What can you salary sacrifice in WA?

WA Health Employee’s can Salary Package the following benefits:

  • Salary Packaging $9010 out of your salary per year to either: Mortgage; Rent. OR.
  • An additional $2,650 per year on Meal Entertainment. using the Paywise Card.
  • On top of all that you can also Salary Package your Vehicle.

How many sick days a year do teachers get?

1 General entitlements. a) All full time permanent teachers shall accrue fifteen (15) days paid sick leave per annum over the course of a year.

How many sick days do WA teachers get?

(a) Employees are entitled to access in any one year up to a maximum of 12.5 days paid leave to provide care or support to a member of the employee’s family or household who requires care or support because of an illness or injury of the member or an unexpected emergency affecting the member, provided the days used are …

How much are you allowed to salary sacrifice?

How much can I salary sacrifice? The annual cap for before-tax super contributions is $27,500 p.a. in 2021/22. This includes the regular super contributions made by your employer (usually 10%), any salary sacrifice contributions and any personal contributions where you intend to claim a tax deduction.

How many days sick leave do teachers get?

8.1 Educators are entitled to 36 working days sick leave with full pay over a three-year cycle.

Do teachers get paid for sick days?

1 General entitlements. a) All full time permanent teachers shall accrue fifteen (15) days paid sick leave per annum over the course of a year. c) Permanent part time teachers and temporary teachers shall be entitled to sick leave on a pro rata basis proportionate to the entitlement of a permanent full time teacher.

How much can you sacrifice for salary sacrifice?

An employee with a current salary of $70,000 per year negotiates with their employer for the provision of a car under a salary sacrifice arrangement. As a result, their salary will be reduced to $58,000 per year. The taxable value of the car for FBT purposes, grossed-up by the Type 2 factor, is $6,350.

Do you pay tax on salary sacrifice in Australia?

Effective salary sacrifice arrangement is defined by the Australian Tax Office. Under an effective salary sacrifice arrangement the employee pays income tax on the reduced salary or wage salary sacrificed (pre-tax) superannuation contributions are classified as employer contributions (not employee contributions) and

When does the AMP salary sacrifice calculator come out?

This calculator generates factual information about the potential effect of those methods on take home pay and superannuation benefits based on information you have entered and the disclosed assumptions. It’s underlying assumptions are current as at 1/7/2021 and are reviewed and updated annually or as otherwise required.

When does salary sacrifice count for superannuation contributions?

Prior to 1 January 2020, employer Superannuation Guarantee (SG) contributions may have been calculated on your reduced salary and your salary sacrificed amount may have counted towards your employer’s SG obligations. This depended on the details of your salary sacrifice arrangement.