What can I use instead of a BD139 transistor?

SMD Equivalent The SMD version of the BD139 is available as the BCP56(SOT-223). Replacement and equivalent transistor for the BD139 You can replace the BD139 with the BD139G, BD169, BD179, BD230, BD237, BD237G, BD379, BD789, BD791, MJE242, MJE244or MJE722.

Can I use BD140 instead of BD139?

Though the best choice for power transistors is BD139 and BD140 if they are not available then you may also go for BD135 and BD136 which are NPN and PNP transistors respectively but preference must be given to BD139/140 pair.

What is BD139?

BD139 is a Bipolar NPN transistor, it is mounted in the SOT-32 plastic package. It is designed for audio amplifier and driver utilizing complementary circuits. BD139 has a gain value of 40 to 160, which determine the amplification capacity of a transistor.

What is TIP42C transistor?

The TIP42C is a -100V PNP complementary silicon plastic Power Transistor designed for use in general purpose power amplifier and switching applications. 100V Minimum collector-emitter sustaining voltage (VCEO (sus)) 1.5V Maximum collector-emitter saturation voltage (VCE (sat) at IC = 6A)

What is the use of BC548 transistor?

BC548 transistor is used for amplifying and switching purposes in electrical circuits. Like every other NPN transistor, it consists of three pins: the collector, base, and emitter.

What is the function of TIP42C transistor?

Tip42c is a medium power transistor mainly used for amplification and switching purpose. It is made up of silicon material and falls under the category of PNP transistors. The voltage across collector and emitter terminals is 100V and the voltage across base and collector terminals is 100V.

What can a bd139 transistor be used for?

BD139 is a good transistor to use in hobby and educational electronics projects for example in analog circuits, arduino projects and other microcontroller projects. This transistor can drive loads upto 1500mA therefore you can drive and control many electronic equipment’s through it.

What is the gain value of a bd139?

BD139 has a gain value of 40 to 160, which determine the amplification capacity of a transistor. It has three main pinouts which are a collector, base and emitter. It is used to control (On/Off) bigger loads that consume less than 1.5A.BD139 is used in different industrial projects such as RF amplifier and Switching Circuits.

What does LED1 mean in a bd139 circuit?

BD139 is acting a switch and oscillates high-frequency signal with the help of R1, C1, and C2 resonator. In this circuit, LED1 indicates the presence of bias to this circuit. For practical understanding let’s see circuit diagram.

Which is an equivalent of the bd135 datasheet?

BD135/137/139Medium Power Linear and Switching Applications Complement to BD136, BD138 and BD140 respectivelyTO-12611.