What can I say instead of most improved?

synonyms for most improved

  • revised.
  • corrected.
  • enriched.
  • mended.
  • refined.
  • reformed.
  • remodeled.
  • repaired.

How would you describe the most improved award?

Most Improved – is awarded to two students who have made the most improvement during the marking period regardless of their academic grade point average. Most Effort – is awarded to two students who have displayed the most effort during the marking period regardless of their academic grade point average.

What’s another way to say award winning?

What is another word for award-winning?

prize champion
premier winning
top prizewinning
prize-winning first place
number one No. 1

Is most improved a good award?

Coaches in lower divisions of the game give out this award almost as consolation prize. Usually giving it to the worst player on the team, coaches made the award seem less valuable then it intended to be. The meaning of the Most Improved Player award makes it one of the highest achievements a player can get.

What is the meaning of much improved?

(ɪmˈpruːvd) adjective. having become better in quality. much/slightly improved. This room looks much improved after painting.

What is the most valuable player award description?

In sports, a most valuable player award is an honor typically bestowed upon an individual as the most performing player (or players) in an entire league, for a particular competition, or on a specific team.

What do you call someone who wins all the awards?

EGOT, an acronym for the Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony Awards, is the designation given to people who have won all four awards. Respectively, these awards honor outstanding achievements in television, recording, film, and theatre.

Which word is used for prize?

Some common synonyms of prize are booty, loot, plunder, spoils, and spoil.

What do you say on a recognition award?

1. Option for Wording your Appreciation Awards or Gifts

  1. Thank You for All Your.
  2. Contributions to the. Project Name/Campaign/Goal.
  3. We truly appreciate your.
  4. Commitment and Dedication. Recipient Name. Date.

What do you award employees for?

12 employee award ideas

  • Recognition master award. The recognition master award is for the person who recognizes others on the team most often.
  • Most recognized employee award.
  • Exceptional listener award.
  • Excellent feedback award.
  • Coaching champion award.
  • Living by our values award.
  • Keeping us safe award.
  • Always growing award.

What word improves?

advance, upgrade, develop, help, reform, rise, recover, revamp, increase, lift, progress, better, enhance, promote, boost, correct, revise, raise, polish, augment.

Is being improved meaning?

1 : the act or process of improving. 2a : the state of being improved especially : enhanced value or excellence. b : an instance of such improvement : something that enhances value or excellence.

Which is the best synonym for the word award?

Synonyms for award. accolade. citation. decision. donation. endowment. gift. gold. grant.

What’s the best synonym for the word improvement?

Here are three synonyms of the word “improvement”: advance, development, upgrade. Those words have a positive feel. Advance: moving forward. Development: honing your skills. Upgrade: moving up a level. Anyone can show up and participate… That’s easy.

Which is the most improved word in the Dictionary?

Most Improved synonyms – 22 Words and Phrases for Most Improved Another way to say Most Improved? Synonyms for Most Improved (other words and phrases for Most Improved). Log in

What’s the better term for’most improved,’specifically for?

You might have gotten great marks, so the university decides that you should get an award for that. You might have performed well in a film, so the Academy decides A reward is something that is given to a person who does something that the giver likes. Usually it is a kind of exchange: pay is a reward for doing work.