What can destroy cobblestone?

It is impossible to break blocks like cobblestone using only redstone or pistons. However, there are several mobs such as the Wither, Ghast, and the Creeper that can break blocks.

Can you get ores from a cobblestone generator?

Although cobblestone is found just about everywhere underground, it’s also one of the easiest ores to automatically produce. I’ll show you how to create an endless supply, and also how to turn it into an endlessly healing platform.

Why is my cobblestone generator making stone?

Cobblestone generators work on the principle that when a lava stream comes into contact with water, the lava is turned into cobblestone. Variants of the generator can also produce stone, but this is generally trickier, because for stone, the lava must enter the water from above.

What can you do with cobblestone generator in Minecraft?

Piston cobblestone generators can be used both to create a large supply of cobblestone that the player can mine later, or to supply a self-repairing structure with blocks. The piston can be driven by a clock, or by a circuit to detect when a cobblestone block has appeared.

How to make a semi automatic stone generator in Minecraft?

Semi-automatic stone generator Place a sticky piston facing up. Place an opaque block (The page ” opacity ” has a list of transparent blocks, which are the blocks you should not use.)… Place some redstone dust. The redstone wire should connect to the dispenser. Connect this wire to a block with a

What kind of clock do you need for cobblestone farming?

A clock generates its signal repeatedly at fixed intervals. Any of the basic repeater clocks will do perfectly well, but you want a total period of at least 7 or 8 (that is, a 4-clock or longer). The core piston itself is usually non-sticky, but some block-detector CSG designs have a sticky piston with a transparent (non-conducting) block.

Are there any drawbacks to Cobblestone farming in Minecraft?

This both presents risks to the player and reduces efficiency if the dropped cobblestone is destroyed by the lava. These drawbacks can be mitigated by design choices, for example by removing the block under the cobblestone, allowing the loot to fall in a safe place, or collecting drops using a hopper .