What are the will pays for the Oaks Derby double?

The highest Double payoff is a Malathaat-Brooklyn Strong combination that pays $323.

No. Horse $1 Oaks/Derby Double with 10-
4 Keepmeinmind $191.90
5 Sainthood $234.60
6 O Besos $128.40
7 Mandaloun $76.70

Will pay Oaks Derby double 2021?

The 2021 Kentucky Derby will be held at Churchill Downs on Saturday, May 1st….Kentucky Derby Future Pool Dates and Final Odds.

Pool Name Date
Kentucky Oaks Future Pool 1 March 5th – 7th, 2021
Kentucky Oaks Derby Double Future March 5th – 7th, 2021

What did the Derby winners pay?

Prize money breakdown for Kentucky Derby 2021

Place Prize Money
1 $1.86 million
2 $600,000
3 $300,000
4 $150,000

What did secretariat pay in the Kentucky Derby?

Payout schedule

Post Position Horse Win
10 Secretariat $5.00
4 Sham
7 Our Native

How much did essential quality pay out?

Essential Quality, who went off as the 6-5 favorite, passed early leader Hot Rod Charlie around the final turn and held on to win the $1 million race over 1½ miles. He paid $4.60 to win, $3 to place and $2.60 to show.

How does a future wager work?

The Kentucky Derby Sire Future Wager lets fans wager on world-class sires (a horse’s father), winning if any one of their offspring wins the Kentucky Derby.

How are Derby winnings calculated?

Calculating the Payout for a Win Bet

  1. From that odds ratio, you take the first number and multiply it by 2 (remember, if the odds is a whole number, place that over a 1 – for example, 7 would be 7/1)
  2. You take that number and divide it by the second number of the odds ratio.
  3. Add your outlay money to that number.

How much does a winning jockey make?

A winning jockey is entitled to 10% of the horse owner’s share of the purse. What is this? So, if a race has a purse of $100,000, the winning horse owner will typically receive 60% of it, which is $60,000. Then, the jockey will get 10% of that, which would equal $6,000.