What are the largest companies in Poland?

Largest by revenue

Rank Name Revenue (in € millions)
1 PKN Orlen 22,831
2 Jerónimo Martins Polska 11,531
3 PGNiG 8,584
4 Grupa Lotos 5,790

Which is the No 1 electronics company?

Top 10 Largest Electronics Companies in the World by Revenue in 2020

Rank Company Revenue (USD billions)
1 Apple Inc. 260.17
2 Samsung Electronics 221.6
3 Hon Hai Precision Industry 175.62
4 Huawei 122.97

Is electronic cheap in Poland?

In the overall Eurostat ranking, known as the “Price level indices for consumer goods and services, 2014” Poland is third from last, beaten to the bottom only by Romania and cheapest, Bulgaria. …

Are there any American electronics companies?

The electronics market in USA is huge. There are some of the oldest and greatest electronic companies in the United States. The boom in the electronics industry has given rise to several electronic companies in the world. Therefore, this list includes only major electronic companies in USA (United States of America).

What American companies are in Poland?

U.S. companies hold accumulated in Poland assets worth over PLN 210 billion ($ 5.54 billion) and employ nearly 300 thousand people. The largest employers in the industry include Lear Corporation, Raytheon Technologies, Tenneco, and Whirlpool.

What business is Poland known for?

Currently, Poland’s main exports and its economy are focused on agriculture (about 3.1% of Poland’s GDP), textiles, mining and other larger industries (about 30% of GDP) and the most important element, Poland’s booming service sector (making up 66.5% of Poland’s GDP).

Which electronic brand is best?

The Top 10 consumer electronics companies and best brands are:

1. Sony 2. Toshiba
3. Panasonic 4. Samsung
5. LG 6. Microsoft
7. Apple 8. Intel
9. IBM 10. Fujitsu

Does Amazon Prime work in Poland?

WARSAW, Oct 12 (Reuters) – Amazon (AMZN.O) on Tuesday launched its Amazon Prime service offering free delivery and video streaming in Poland, sending shares in rival Polish e-commerce platform Allegro lower.

What is the main industry of Poland?

For decades Poland’s economy has been dominated by three leading industries: agriculture, manufacturing and mining. Even though agriculture and manufacturing still play a significant role in the country’s future, they are slowly losing their positions to the newly emerging industries.

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