What are the contents of a muster list?

Content of muster list:

  • Vessel name / IMO number.
  • Emergency duties of all crew and personnel onboard.
  • General and emergency alarms.
  • person responsible for LSA/FFA maintenance.
  • Substitutes for person in-charge ( if incapacitated )
  • Masters signature & Location of Muster station and SOPEP gears.

How do you define muster list?

The Muster List, in the a maritime world, is a list of the functions each member of a ship crew is required to perform in case of emergency. It is defined in the Chapter III – Part A of the SOLAS Convention.

Where you can find the muster list?

Some of the important areas where the muster list is posted are- Bridge, Engine room, accommodation alleyways etc. – areas where ship’s crew spends the maximum of their time.

What is station bill or muster list?

The station bill is a muster list that is required by federal regulations. It lists the emergency duty station and duty position for each crew member assigned aboard ship and also the signals for fire and abandon ship. The station bill is prepared and signed by the ship’s master.

What is Sopep manual?

The Shipboard Oil Pollution Emergency Plan, or SOPEP, is a prevention plan carried on board tankers >150 GT and other vessels >400 GT. An action plan with instructions for the oil pollution prevention team. This is a list of duties the crewmembers have to fulfil in case of an oil spill.

How many line throwing appliances must be on board?

one line throwing apparatus
SOLAS and LSA Code Requirements In Chapter 3 of the SOLAS guide, regulation 18 states that there must be at least one line throwing apparatus on board the vessel at all times.

What is muster station in ship?

Every ship has designated muster stations, which are meeting points for passengers during an emergency, typically on the open decks by the lifeboats. During the muster drill, the emergency siren is sounded, so passengers can familiarize themselves with the sound.

What is SOPEP content?

SOPEP contains the general information about the ship and the owner of the ship etc. Steps and procedure to contain the discharge of oil into the sea using SOPEP equipment. It contains the inventory of the SOPEP material provided for pollution prevention such as oil absorbent pads, sawdust bags, booms etc.

What is the breaking strength of the lines for the line throwing appliances?

2 kN.
The appliance must include not less than four lines. Each line must possess a breaking strength of not less than 2 kN. 4.

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