What are the 29 Olympic 50p coins?

While these were the designs that made the top 10, a total of 29 were released, with the full mintages below:

  • Aquatics 2,179,000.
  • Archery 3,345,500.
  • Athletics 2,224,000.
  • Badminton 2,133,500.
  • Basketball 1,748,000.
  • Boccia 2,166,000.
  • Boxing 2,148,500.
  • Canoeing 2,166,500.

How many 50 pence Olympic coins are there?

How many 50p Olympic coins were made? In total, there were 29 varieties of Olympic 50p coins made. With over 1 million of each coin, more than 29 million Olympic Games 50p pieces were placed into circulation. Some of the 50p Olympic coins, however, are rarer than others.

What is the rarest UK 50p?

The famous 2009 Kew Gardens 50p remains the most coveted coin in circulation, with a mintage of just 210,000.

Are there any Olympic 50p coins still in circulation?

Referred to by The Royal Mint as the 2012 Sports Collection of 50p coins the more popular ones are Triathlon , Football (Offside Rule), Wrestling , Judo and Cycling. If you are a collector, try to buy Rare 50p Olympic Coins still in their sealed swing bag (this is how they were sold in UK shops).

Are there any London 2012 Olympic 50p coins?

FOOTBALL OFFSIDE RULE 2011 LONDON OLYMPIC SPORT UNC 50p COIN SEALED IN CARD.. A 2012 London Olympic 50p – Complete set of 29 coins in good circulated condition. FOOTBALL OFFSIDE RULE 2011 LONDON OLYMPIC SPORT UNC 50p COIN SEALED IN CARD..

Which is the rarest 50p coin in the UK?

Olympics Coins. 50p Olympics Coins from the London 2021 Olympic Games. What are the RARE Olympic 50p Coins? Which is the rarest Olympic 50p coin? The rarest Olympic 50p Coin in UK

What kind of coins are used in the Olympics?

The rare 50p Olympic coins include: 1 Aquatics 50p (see note above) 2 Football 50p (aka Offside Rule 50p) 3 Judo 50p 4 Wrestling 50p 5 Triathlon 50p More