What are some Danish names for girls?

Danish Girls’ Names

  • Aaliyah – This pretty name means “rising”.
  • Agnes – This Scandinavian name means “pure and holy”.
  • Agneta – Meaning “pure”.
  • Alberte – Meaning “noble and bright”.
  • Almira – This pretty name means “princess”.
  • Amelia – This Danish name means “one who is hard-working, industrious and fertile”.

What is the most common girl name in Denmark?

Among the 2.93 million female inhabitants in Denmark in 2020, the most common name was Anne. As of January 2021, around 45.2 thousand Danish women bore the name.

What are some girl names that mean Queen?

Popular Girl Names Meaning Queen:

  • Rani: Rani is a Hindi term for Queen or the female equivalent of Raja.
  • Rhiannon: The name Rhiannon is of Welsh origin.
  • Malka: In the Middle Ages, people used this affectionate nickname for their daughters.
  • Raina:
  • Dione:
  • Queenie:
  • Juno:
  • Regina:

What are cute queen names?

Beautiful Baby Girl Names Meaning Queen

Names Meaning
Regina A name of Latin, Italian and Romanian origin that means the Queen, The Ruler. It is also the name of a Christian Saint.
Reina A Spanish word for Queen. A Spanish Queen was named with the same.
Reine It is a French origin word that means Queen.

What is a popular Danish name?

The top baby names in Denmark for 2020 are Alma and Alfred. Along with Alma, the other top girl names in Denmark include Clara, Agnes, Emma, and Freja. In addition to Alfred, the other top boy names in Denmark include Noah, Oscar, Karl, and William.

What is the most popular name in Denmark?

Related statistics

Nr Navn Antal
1 Alma 514
2 Agnes 456
3 Ella 448
4 Freja 439

What does a Danish baby girl name mean?

To grow, to heal, The one who will cure in each type of environment and to grow and heal easily. They are dedicate to build their live on solid foundation.They have strong mind and decision taking power. it means God precious gift and God has been Gracious.

Which is the most beautiful royal baby girl name?

The name Anastasia belonged to one of the daughters of the last czar of Russia. This is one of the most beautiful royal baby girl names meaning ‘resurrection,’ which made it totally appropriate for the princess considering the Russian history.

Which is the best name for a girl in Finland?

12) Elea – this well-loved Finnish name means ‘strange’; it was the top name for girls in Finland in 2019! 13) Elin – a sweet name for your baby girl meaning ‘light’.

Which is the best name for a Nordic girl?

26) Ulla – (pronounced eu-la) means ‘determination’. 27) Wilma – means ‘resolute protection’. These lovely Nordic female names would make a great choice for your new baby. © Unsplash, Helder Almeida; under a creative commons license.