What are some Bisaya words?

Visayan Phrases

English Visayan/Cebuano
I don’t understand Wala ko sabot (wa-la ko sa-bot)
Please speak slowly Hinaya lang og storya (Hi-n(eye)-yah lang og story-ya)
What is you name? Unsay imong ngalan? (Un-s(eye)ee-mong nga-lan)
Thank you Salamat (Sa-la-mat)

Is Puhon a Bisaya?

“PUHON” translates to “soon” or “ In God’s Time” in bisaya. I think I should do this because the old Bisaya language is slowly fading or forgotten. Puhon is a common expression used by the speakers of the Bisaya language.

What’s the meaning of padayon?

Padayon is a word that comes from the Language called “Hiligaynon”. The word means “to continue”, however, this single word means so much more. When people are in a tough place in life, struggling, and facing tremendous pressures, often times you’ll here them chant a mantra – “Padayon”.

How do you say hi in Bisaya?

Make a good first impression and learn how to politely greet and introduce yourself to a local with these basic Cebuano phrases:

  1. Maayong buntag!
  2. Maayong adlaw!
  3. Maayong hapon!
  4. Amping.
  5. Kumusta? – Hello, how are you?
  6. Maayo raman ko, ikaw?/Okay raman ko, ikaw? – I’m good.
  7. Unsa imong ngalan? – What is your name?

Is Ilonggo a Bisaya?

All populations representing the 30 languages must be generically called Bisaya. Ethnolinguistically, there are two other well-known and widespread Bisayan languages. These are Hiligaynon, also referred to as Ilonggo, and Waray-Waray, distributed in the western and eastern sections of the Visayas, respectively.

What does Puhon mean in Philippines?

“puhon” means “soon” in English. It’s closest equivalent in Tagalog is “malapit na” See a translation. 0 likes.

What word is Puhon?

“PUHON” This word means “God-willing or hopefully”. Cebuanos are generally hopeful and optimistic, hence, “puhon” is expressed when you are hoping something will happen in the future. “Maka-uyab na unta ko, puhon.”

What does Yawa Bisaya mean?

English Translation. devil. More meanings for yawa. devil noun.

Is padayon a Bisaya word?

FOR A different type of new year’s greeting, I thought “Padayon!” would be a good one. It’s a term used in several Visayan languages (Cebuano, Hiligaynon, Waray and more) to mean “move on.”

Is padayon a Filipino word?

Padayon is the Cebuno term for continue. It is also used to motivate someone to go on and move forward.

What are some words and phrases in Cebuano?

Some Useful Cebuano Words and Phrases. kanhiay. ancient; past. panahon. time; era. sa kanhiay nga panahon. in ancient times; in the olden days; a long time ago. duha. two.

How many consonants are there in Suwat Bisaya?

There are Fifteen basic consonants: Fifteen basic consonants of Suwat Bisaya b, k, d, g, h, m, n, ŋ, p, r, s, t, w, j, followed by the inherent vowel /a/ ‘as shown above. Suwat Bisaya is an Abugida, cross between a syllabary and an alphabet writing system.

Are there any old words in the Philippines?

Through Philippine history, we’ve lost several languages and words, especially in Tagalog. Here are a handful of old Tagalog words that we wish would make a comeback. Top Story: 10 Historical Scandals and Crazy Quirks From Philippine History’s Most Famous Figures

What are some beautiful words in the Filipino language?

Beautiful Filipino Words That Ring. While some Filipino words have powerful and inspiring meanings, others are just beautiful to say. While their meanings are short, the words themselves just ring in the language. Check out 10 Filipino words that are fun to say. Mutya (n.) – Precious gemstone; Kalinaw (n.) – Peace or tranquility; Ngiti (n.) – Smile