Is Whitman Park Safe?

Whitman Park is a crime and drug-infested neighborhood. However, businesses have started to move into Whitman Park in recent years. Police have installed gunshot-recording microphones in Whitman Park. In 2015, the city of Camden submitted a redevelopment plan for the neighborhood.

What is the most dangerous part of Camden?

These are the top five most dangerous parts of Camden according to police data.

  1. Holborn and Covent Garden – 697 reported crimes.
  2. Bloomsbury – 635 reported crimes.
  3. St Pancras and Somers Town – 409 reported crimes.
  4. Camden Town and Primrose Hill – 408 reported crimes.
  5. Regents Park – 356 reported crimes.

What parts of Camden NJ are safe?

People who live in Camden generally consider the east part of the city to be the safest. Your chance of being a victim of crime in Camden may be as high as 1 in 19 in the central neighborhoods, or as low as 1 in 32 in the east part of the city.

How many murders did Camden have in 2020?

Indeed, the city’s death toll represented all but six of Camden County’s homicides in 2020. And while the city’s homicide rate fell to 31.4 per 100,000 residents was down from 34.2 a year earlier, it was well above the countywide level of 5.8.

Is Camden NJ still dangerous?

Camden has ranked as the 10th-most-dangerous city in America and is still the most dangerous city in New Jersey. There is also a widely held suspicion among Camden residents that violent crimes are going unreported in media and reclassified at department headquarters as nonviolent offenses.

Is Camden NJ a bad area?

How safe is Camden NJ 2020?

Crime is down in Camden, New Jersey, to a level not seen in more than 50 years. Camden County officials said there were 2,796 criminal activity reports logged in the city during 2020, compared to 3,298 in 2019.

Is Camden New Jersey a bad area?

What was the most dangerous city in 2020?

Ranking of the most dangerous cities in the world in 2020, by murder rate per 100,000 inhabitants

Characteristic Murder rate per 100,000 inhabitants
Los Cabos – Mexico 111.3
Caracas – Venezuela 111.2
Acapulco – Mexico 107
Natal – Brazil 102.6