Is Van Dijk going to Southampton?

On 1 September 2015, Van Dijk signed a five-year contract with Premier League club Southampton, managed by Ronald Koeman, for a reported £13 million transfer fee. On 7 May 2016, Van Dijk signed a new six-year contract with the Saints.

Where was Virgil born Dijk?

Breda, Netherlands
Virgil van Dijk/Place of birth

Where is Virgil van Dijk now?

Liverpool F.C.#4 / Defender
Netherlands national football teamDefender
Virgil van Dijk/Current teams

How old is Virgil van Dijk?

30 years (July 8, 1991)
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How much is Van Dijk worth FIFA 21?

van Dijk’s price on the xbox market is 35,000 coins (3 week ago), playstation is 32,250 coins (3 week ago) and pc is 43,750 coins (3 week ago). There are 3 other versions of van Dijk in FIFA 21, check them out using the navigation above.

How much does Virgil van Dijk earn a week?

Dutch defender Virgil van Dijk leads the way at Liverpool after signing a new contract in August, with a weekly wage of £220,000, or £11.44m a year, according to

Did Van Dijk cheat on Virgil?

It was confirmed that Virgil van Dijk once cheated on Rike while she was pregnant. He allegedly offered Georgie Lyall monies to sleep with her. Georgie met up with Dutch ace van Dijk hours after he celebrated Celtic’s league title triumph with partner Rike Nooitgedagt at Parkhead.

What is wrong with Van Dyke?

The 30-year-old went down during stoppage time holding his right leg, the same leg in which he tore his anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) 11 months ago. The injury ruled him out for the rest of the 2020-21 season, meaning he also missed the Netherlands’ Euro 2020 campaign over the summer.

Is Virgil van Dijk back?

Virgil van Dijk has made his return to action for Liverpool, nine months after suffering an anterior cruciate ligament injury in his right knee during a Merseyside derby against Everton. Joe Gomez also returned from a left knee injury, similarly playing 20 minutes in the match at the Tivoli Stadion in Austria.

How long is Van Dijk injured for?

nine months
The Liverpool defender Virgil van Dijk could make his return to action this week after nine months out with a serious knee injury. The Netherlands captain has been out since undergoing surgery on the anterior cruciate ligament in his right leg after a clash with Everton’s Jordan Pickford in October’s Merseyside derby.

Is Van Dijk worth it on FIFA 21?

Virgil Van Dijk might just be the BEST player in the entire game. Virgil Van Dijk is just the monster he is in real life. He surprisingly can easily dribble between two players by using his strength, has a great passing range, and impeccable tackling.

How much is Van Dijk worth on FIFA?

van Dijk’s price on the xbox market is 192,000 coins (9 min ago), playstation is 200,000 coins (4 min ago) and pc is 229,000 coins (4 min ago).