Is there such a thing as Punjabi love shayari?

punjabi love shayari in gurmukhi, heart touching punjabi love shayari. Every Person in this world at least once fall in the love with someone. Without love, life is unimaginable. Love makes us happy. We cherish every moment in love.

What does the meaning of Shayari really mean?

Meaning: Everyday you get to face new challenge. But then at some point of time, you have to make peace with what you have earned. Whether it is money, family, expectations etc, one day you need to stop and show satisfaction to the life you have lead. Then you will be able to really enjoy the life you are about to lead.

What does the term another deep love shayari mean?

Meaning: Another deep love shayari in which the writer explains how he felt after her lover left him. He started spending more time with himself and thus came to know more about his personality.

Is the meaning of Shayari lost in social media?

In this horde, the real meaning of appreciation is lost somewhere, instead of him being praised for it right there, people are busy sharing his lines on social media rather than focusing on the story behind it, so in a way he may be getting fame for his art but at the very same time being auctioned for it.

What’s the meaning of shayari in real life?

The latter ones rise a lot higher than they expect in their lives and often achieve what they aspire. Such people focus all their energy towards becoming success in the field they always wanted. In order to keep them distracted, they find a different purpose in life and focus on it completely.

What does shayari say about peace of mind?

He compares himself to those people who are wealthy but lacks the best things of life like peace of mind, care and blessings of loved ones etc. And those riches are usually found helping poor so that they can gain their blessings and ask them to wish for their well being.