Is there a TV station called 11 Alive in Atlanta?

Get intouch with Channel 11 Atlanta (WXIA-TV) for latest information and fast-facts for Atlanta. 11 Alive known by its callsign as ‘WXIA TV’ is an NBC-affiliate TV broadcaster delivering local & regional news, traffic updates and weather forecast to the communities of Atlanta, Georgia.

Who is the owner of 11 Alive Atlanta?

The motto of the Channel 11 is “Where Atlanta Speaks”. The network is owned by TEGNA Inc; the company provides trusted and reliable content by narrating motivating stories, delivering unparalleled and radical solutions via TEGNA Marketing Solutions for advertisers, and by conducting empowering inquiries.

Is there an app to watch 11 Alive?

The App provides the latest news headlines impacting the area, live videos from newscasts, dynamic radar, interactive weather, and local events. Android users can download the app on google store, whereas iPhone users can get it on the apple store. Users can also watch 11 alive live streaming on this app.

What are the features of 11 Alive weather?

11 Alive weather app has a lot more exciting features for the users, such as: A 240-meter-High resolution weather radar system HD satellite cloud images Future radar helps the user see about upcoming sever weathers

Who was the son of the Greek god Thanatos?

Some other myths contend that Thanatos was a son resulting from the union between Nyx and Erebos. Thanatos and Hypnos often appear together in both mythology and classic Greek literature. Their spirits were made to deliver humans from sorrow and pain through gentle touch.

Is the god Thanatos the same as Hades?

Their spirits were made to deliver humans from sorrow and pain through gentle touch. Thanatos was not the same god as Hades; though Hades ruled the underworld, Thanatos was the god who brought peaceful deaths to the underworld.