Is there a DLC for Battlefield Hardline?

The final DLC expansion for Battlefield Hardline rolls out in March, and among its features is an item essential to police operations: the sword. Battlefield Hardline: Betrayal concludes the schedule of expansions for the cops-and-robbers take on EA’s military shooter series, which launched in March 2015.

Is Battlefield Hardline a spinoff?

Battlefield:Hardline 2 is the Last in the Hardline Spin-off Series & 18th game overall. Battlefield:Hardline 2 was also the first Battlefield where MGSGMBH (Modern Game Studios Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung) was one of the Developers.

Is Alexandra Daddario in Battlefield Hardline?

Battlefield: Hardline (Video Game 2015) – Alexandra Daddario as Dune Alpert – IMDb.

Is Battlefield Hardline 2 players?

Hardline contains both a thrilling single player campaign and the all-out war glory that is Battlefield Multiplayer. If you don’t want to face the heat of multiplayer right away, start with the campaign and familiarize yourself with the controls, try the guns, and earn some Battlepacks.

Is Battlefield Hardline DLC single player?

Battlefield: Hardline: Criminal Activity DLC is coming to us in June (Early Access) with more single player content and lots of new stuff. This June we can look forward to a new add-on story to the single player portion of Battlefield Hardline in addition to four new maps for multiplayer enjoyment.

What does Nick Mendoza do with the money?

Nick comes up with an idea to steal Dawes’ money before he can launder it and uses Khai’s phone as a makeshift tracking device by placing it in a briefcase to be taken to where the rest of Dawes’s money is being kept.

Does Battlefield: Hardline still have players 2021?

The worldwide Battlefield Hardline Player Count as of 30 Days is 44 (Approximately). The worldwide Battlefield Hardline Player Count as of in April 2021 33 (Approximately).