Is Termidor safe for humans?

The active ingredient in Termidor is a chemical called fipronil, which works by blocking receptors in the brains and nervous systems of living organisms. The substance is toxic to people and pets, and the only difference between the products available to homeowners and professionals is the quantity in which it’s sold.

Is Termidor safe for indoor use?

Answer: Termidor can be applied indoors as a spot treatment in wall voids. When applied per label it is safe for spot treatment indoors.

How safe is Termidor Termite Treatment?

Termidor insecticide is a water-based, odorless formula that doesn’t leach into soil, so it’s safe for plants and gardens near the treatment areas. When mixed and applied according to the label by a professional termite treatment specialist, Termidor has been used safely in millions of homes with children and pets.

How long does Termidor last?

Answer: Termidor SC has a shelf life of approximately 5 years when stored out of direct sunlight and extreme temperatures. However, when Termidor SC is laid in the ground around a house, it will last for nearly 10 years or more.

Where is Termidor banned?

It is regarded as the most effective termite chemical available and used by almost all Pest Control companies. It is also regarded as one of the most toxic. Termidor has been banned in the European Union, France, Japan and other countries due to toxicity concerns.

Is Termidor a carcinogen?

In the United States, Fipronil is classified as a possible human carcinogen. Because Fipronil degrades slowly once it is in the soil or the water, these animals are at particular risk for harmful levels of exposure.

How often should Termidor be reapplied?

Answer: When spraying outdoors around the foundation Termidor SC can last up to 4-6 months and then will need to be reapplied. You can apply Termidor SC as a perimeter spray up to 4 times per year: Twice at the 0.8 oz./gal rate; 4 times at the 0.4 oz. per gallon rate; or 3 times, spraying once at the 0.8 oz.

Does rain wash away Termidor?

Termidor binds to the soil that it is applied to and needs to be used in a trench 6 x 6 inches to offer the best protection. It also does not move through the soil after rain.

How often can I spray Termidor?

4 times per year
You can apply Termidor SC as a perimeter spray up to 4 times per year: Twice at the 0.8 oz./gal rate; 4 times at the 0.4 oz. per gallon rate; or 3 times, spraying once at the 0.8 oz.

How often can you use Termidor?

When was fipronil banned?

Although regulators in the European Union banned fipronil for use on crops in 2017, seeds treated with fipronil can still be used in most EU countries until March 31, 2019. Fipronil is also commonly used around the world to control ants, cockroaches, and termites in structures and flea and ticks on pets.

How much does a Termidor treatment cost?

Termite control cost using liquid termiticide, like Termidor, is typically going to fall into the following price ranges: Slab Foundation, $5 per Linear Ft. Crawlspace Construction, $6 per Linear Ft. Basement Construction, $6-$7 per Linear Ft.

What makes Termidor The best insecticide for termite control?

It’s the product’s unique “Transfer Effect,” allowing Termidor to achieve 100% control of termite populations at the very low rate of just 0.06% active ingredient. This mode of delivery elevates the effectiveness of Termidor termiticide/insecticide to a much higher level than other termiticides.

Do you trust Termidor to protect your home?

Pest professionals trust Termidor. We’ve heard a lot of performance claims over the years, but it was Termidor that made true believers out of us. Introducing the best way to protect your home. Ask your pest professional to protect your home with the most advanced Termidor yet.

When was Termidor introduced to the United States?

That’s why since its introduction in 2000, pest management professionals have made Termidor America’s leading termite control, with over 4 million structures treated. Termidor eliminates termites by both ingestion and contact, and is lethal to termites simply through contact with other Termidor -tainted individuals.

Can you use Termidor SC on a foamer?

Termidor SC termiticide/insecticide has low water solubility, low odor, and won’t damage water-safe surfaces. Its easy-to-use formulation is suitable for all low-pressure power, backpack, hand-held sprayers and foamers.