Is Seattle Art Museum worth visiting?

Seattle Art Museum is definitely worth a visit if you’re in Seattle and like/love art. The current exhibitions are OK. Their collection is what I might suggest seeing if you visit. Some of my favorites are the Asian art, Native American art, and the Oceanic art.

How long does it take to walk through the Seattle Art Museum?

Though not as grand or world-class as the Louvre or the Met, the Seattle Art Museum is home to a wonderful collection of art old and new from artists around the globe. We think it’s the ideal size: large enough to wander for a two-hour visit or longer, but not so huge that it’s overwhelming.

Is Seattle Art Museum free?

The First Thursday of every month admission to the Seattle Art Museum is free. The First Friday of every month seniors get free general admission to the Seattle Art Museum. Tickets to special exhibitions downtown are an additional $7.99. The last Friday of every month admission to the Seattle Asian Art Museum is free.

How much are tickets to the Seattle Art Museum?

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Is there parking at the Seattle Art museum?

Pay parking is available in the PACCAR Pavilion garage. The entrance to the parking garage is on the southeast corner of the park at Broad St and Western Ave. Open daily from 6 am – 11 pm. No overnight parking.

How big is the Seattle Art museum?

Its original museum provided an area of 25,000 square feet (2,300 m2); the present facilities provide 312,000 square feet (29,000 m2) plus a 9-acre (3.6 ha) park.

Can you take photos in the Seattle Art Museum?

Available Photography The Seattle Art Museum has high-resolution digital photography available for reproduction. Low-resolution digital slides are available for educational, research, and lecture use only. They are not permitted for publication. Requested photography is subject to availability at time of request.

How much is admission to Mopop?

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How much is admission to MoPOP?

Does Seattle have a monorail?

The Monorail provides a fun, quick, and convenient link between downtown Seattle and Seattle Center, home to the Space Needle, Pacific Science Center, Museum of Pop Culture, The Children’s Museum, and a host of theatrical and cultural experiences.

Is Seattle Art Museum membership tax deductible?

Proof of age required for museum admission. Full amount is tax-deductible.

What famous art is at Seattle Art Museum?

Untitled, 1973 – Sam Gilliam (1933 -) We love the colors and vibrance in this painting! Rorschach, 1984 – Andy Warhol (1928-1987) What’s your interpretation of this Rorschach painting? Okumpa Masquerade Players, 1950-2007 – Chukwu Okoro (1910-1987).