Is polygon a good road bike brand?

It has a great frame with modern, well-considered geometry, and as a result it offers the rider plenty of confidence for tackling varied terrain. The rear suspension is actually quite good, and Polygon has done well to spec quality brakes and a dropper post on a bike at this price.

Where are Polygon bikes manufactured?

Polygon owns a manufacturing facility in Indonesia, producing bikes not just for the Polygon brand, but also for other U.S. and European brands.

What brands does polygon make frames for?

Polygon is a frame manufacturer that has their own internal brand of bikes. They make frames for big US companies like Marin. The quality of their Siskin T series frame is spot on. I own a Polygon Siskiu T7.

How are Polygon bikes so cheap?

Our bikes are often 20% to 40% cheaper than comparable bikes on the market and that is due to our direct-to-consumer business model.

How much do Polygon bikes weigh?

Model Comparison Chart

2021 Xtrada 5 2×10 2021 Xtrada 7 1×12
HUB FRONT/REAR QR 100mm / 141mm Thru-Axle 15×100 / 12x148mm
WEIGHT 30.4 lbs 28.4 lbs
LEVER SL-M5100-L & SL-M4100-R 2X10 Speed SL-M6100-R 1X12 Speed
Price $799.00 $1099

Where are Cannondale bikes made?

The Cannondale Bicycle Corporation is an American division of Canadian conglomerate Dorel Industries that supplies bicycles. Its headquarters are in Wilton, Connecticut with manufacturing and assembly facilities in Taiwan.

What bikes are made in polygon factory?

Polygon manufactures a broad range of bicycles that includes Mountain bikes, Road bikes, Urban bikes, BMX bikes and Youth bikes.

  • Mountain Bikes.
  • Road Bikes.
  • Urban Bikes.
  • BMX bikes.
  • Youth Bike.

Are polygon cycles good?

The Polygon Entiat TR8 27.5+ is an incredible bike that handles all berms and jumps extremely well. I really enjoy taking it down to the local jumps and trails, where the bike runs with ease. I would 100% recommend the Polygon Entiat to any beginner or intermediate riders looking to improve their skills.

What is polygon example?

A polygon is a two-dimensional geometric figure that has a finite number of sides. An example of a polygon is a triangle with three sides. A circle is also a plane figure but it is not considered as a polygon, because it is a curved shape and does not have sides or angles.

How much does a polygon strattos road bike cost?

Polygon Strattos S5 Disc Road Bike $1,699.00 0% Installment Plan

How much does a polygon relic mountain bike cost?

1 Polygon Relic 20 Mountain Bike Junior 2019 Rating: 100% 1 Review $249.00 Not Available Online Wish List Compare 2 Marin Hidden Canyon 20 Bike $469.00 Add to Cart Wish List Compare 3 Polygon Premier 4 Mountain Bike $599.00 0% Installment Plan $50.00 S M L Add to Cart Wish List Compare

Where can I buy a city bike in Singapore?

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