Is Money Map Press legitimate?

Stay away from this company. Once they get your money they will not care about you. They are running all kinds of promotions right now. Don’t get scammed!

Who owns Money Map Press?

Welcome to Money Map Press. Money Map Press, led by Bob Keppel, has one goal: to make investing profitable. Our subscribers get access to a team of investment experts with more than 250 years of combined experience who deliver analysis and actionable investing ideas to put subscribers on a path to greater wealth.

What is money Map?

A money map is just like a road map or these days, a GPS. It helps you identify your financial starting point and the route to get where you want to be. Without a map, route, or guide, you probably wouldn’t get there. Same with a money map. Without it, you may not get to be where you financially want to be.

What is the fast fortune Club?

What Is Fast Fortune Club? Fast Fortune Club is a program produced by Tom Gentile. Tom and his staff from Money Map Press assert to make 100’s and 1,000’s without any effort and only minutes. They swear to send out each month one “Money Calendar Alert” where they share their tricks.

Who is Shah Gilani?

Shah Gilani boasts a financial pedigree unlike any other. He ran his first hedge fund in 1982 from his seat on the floor of the Chicago Board of Options Exchange. When options on the Standard & Poor’s 100 began trading on March 11, 1983, Shah worked in “the pit” as a market maker.

Does anyone make money trading options?

The answer, unequivocally, is yes, you can get rich trading options. Since an option contract represents 100 shares of the underlying stock, you can profit from controlling a lot more shares of your favorite growth stock than you would if you were to purchase individual shares with the same amount of cash.

How do you make a money map?

How to Create a Money Map

  1. Step One: Calculate Income and Expenses. To start creating your money map, you’ll need to gather a few numbers.
  2. Step Two: Plan Your Budget. With a clear picture in mind of your expenses, you can see if there is anything you can trim or eliminate.
  3. Step Three: Set Your Goals.

What is Fortuneclub?

Fortune Club Rooms are designed to offer the guest a little extra of everything. These rooms provide an upscale product/service comparable to the “Best in Class” business class rooms in the city. Area of Fortune Club Rooms: 26.75 sq. m.

How do I invest in Microcurrency?

Tom has a simple three-step process for making money through microcurrency investing: Step 1) Buy a microcurrency with US dollars. Step 2) Wait for the microcurrency to make a move. Step 3) Sell it and exchange it back for US dollars.

What is diagonal put spread?

Key Takeaways. A diagonal spread is an options strategy that involves buying (selling) a call (put) option at one strike price and one expiration and selling (buying) a second call (put) at a different strike price and expiration.

Who is the Money Map Press, LLC?

Additional Information: Money Map Press, LLC is part of The Agora Companies, a consortium of publishing companies that provide financial, health, and lifestyle newsletters. To view the BBB Profile for The Agora Companies, go to:

Is there a money back guarantee on Money Map Press?

End of March I purchased a 1 year membership for $40.00, 100% money back guarantee, no questions asked. I never received any kind of receipt for my purchase. I’ve emailed them at least 5 times, stating clearly that I want to cancel my membership & get my money back.

When is the best time to file a complaint against Money Map Press?

Customer Service team is available Monday-Friday between 9:00AM and 5:00 PM ET. Customer Service team is available Monday-Friday between 8:00AM and… This company offers financial publications. Need to file a complaint? BBB is here to help.