Is Loathly a real word?

loath•ly. adj. Archaic. loathsome; hideous; repulsive.

What does the word Loathly mean?

adverb. loath·​ly | \ ˈlōth-lē , ˈlōt͟h- \ Definition of loathly (Entry 2 of 2) : not willingly : reluctantly.

What does colorful description mean?

If you describe a period in history as colorful, it means it involved a lot of interesting or unusual events. Describing a person as colorful often implies that they’re flamboyant or interesting in a vibrant way. The words vivid and vibrant can be used as synonyms for the literal and figurative sense of colorful.

What does Loathy mean?

obsolete loath evil, harm, hatred (from Middle English loth) + -y.

How do you use the word loathe?

Loathe is a verb (“to dislike greatly”). You loathe that guy at work who steals your food from the refrigerator (you probably loathe many more people than that, but the guy who steals your food is just the most convenient example).

What word means not wanting to do?

disinclined, hesitant, reluctant, loath, averse mean lacking the will or desire to do something indicated.

How do you explain colorful?

Words that Embrace Color

  1. Ablaze – Radiant with bright color.
  2. Beaming – Bright; shining.
  3. Bold – Bright; vivid.
  4. Bright – Brilliant in color.
  5. Brilliant – Vivid; intense.
  6. Colorful – Full of vivid colors.
  7. Dappled – Having a spotted surface.
  8. Deep – Dark; rich.

How do you use colorful in a sentence?

Colorful sentence example

  1. Someone brought her a colorful picture book.
  2. The surface of the water ruptured, spewing a colorful fish into the air.
  3. She is one huge and colorful woman.
  4. For a strikingly colorful , yet simple dish, try orange and beet salad.

What are the meanings of the colors red and yellow?

The color red. Power, energy, passion, desire, speed, strength, power, heat, love, aggression, danger, fire, blood, war, violence, intensity, celebration, luck, stop or danger, Christmas and Valentine’s Day. Read more. The color yellow.

What are the different meanings of different colors?

Meanings of color. Notice how colors can mean very different things – it is not that the colors themselves have meaning, it is that we have culturally assigned meanings to them. For example, red means warmth because of the color of fire. Likewise, it means anger because of the increased redness of the face when it flushes with blood.

How does the meaning of color change over time?

Color is a form of non verbal communication. It is not a static energy and its meaning can change from one day to the next with any individual – it all depends on what energy they are expressing at that point in time.

What’s the meaning of light and dark colors?

Lighter colors seem, unsurprisingly, lighter. Money: Darker colors, such as burgundy red, tend to show opulence (they are often called ‘rich’ colors). Dull shades, such as gray and dark browns indicate poverty. Seasons: Pastel and light shades are delicate, feminine, springtime.