Is it possible to win 60 Seconds?

To win, you need to be rescued by the military with just the traitor alive (kill everyone less them) they have priority to be healed and may never go on expeditions.

Is 60 Seconds Reatomized on mobile?

60 Seconds! Reatomized is an upcoming adventure title by Robot Gentleman. The game is set to release on May 25th and will be available for both Android and iOS. The game features post-apocalyptic dark comedy that sees scrambling for supplies and rescuing your family from potential threats.

How much does 60 Seconds Reatomized cost?

Reatomized, a remastered edition of the highly acclaimed post-apocalyptic survival 60 Seconds! – the game that’s sold over 1,8 million units worldwide – launches on PC/Mac (Steam) on July 25, 2019. Retailing for US$9.99 (9,99 €), 60 Seconds!

How do I get mutant Mary Jane?

She can become a mutant if she is bitten by a mutant spider, the player does nothing about bugs, or if the puddle of green goo isn’t cleaned with a Boy Scout Handbook, Suitcase or Gas Mask. This means she will not require Water Bottles to survive, but she will require more Soup Cans as a result.

How many endings are in 60 seconds?

The 4 New Endings :: 60 Seconds! General Discussions.

What is the game where you have 60 seconds to live?

Meteor 60 seconds! is a simple, fun, comic-like action game that simulates your life if there were a meteor heading towards Earth and you had 60 seconds to live. Do anything you want to do with your last 60 seconds, even if it’s illegal!

Do you have to feed mutant Mary Jane?

When you have a mutant Mary Jane, she rarely needs to eat or drink. She is great for scavenging and she doesn’t get sick. Always make him go scavenge for supplies!

When did gone in 60 seconds come out?

Gone in 60 Seconds (2000) A retired master car thief must come back to the industry and steal fifty cars with his crew in one night to save his brother’s life.

Who is Memphis Raines in Gone in 60 seconds?

In exchange for his little brother’s life, the reformed car thief, Randall “Memphis” Raines, has to do the impossible: in less than three days, he has to steal not one, but fifty exotic supercars for the ruthless crime lord, Ray Calitri.

What kind of car was used in Gone in 60 seconds?

Now, fast Lamborghinis, precious Ferraris, luxurious Porsches, and Eleanor–a rare Ford Shelby Mustang GT500–are just some of the cars in Raines’ long list. Can Memphis execute the perfect car heist? Written by Nick Riganas Did You Know? Seven Eleanor replicas were made for use in this movie. Five of them were totaled during stunt sequences.

How many cars were totaled in Gone in 60 seconds?

Five of them were totaled during stunt sequences. Nicolas Cage and Jerry Bruckheimer kept the remaining two. Cage regularly takes his out for joy rides, while Bruckheimer is afraid of driving his. See more »