Is infect good MTG?

Infect is no good because it is too slow. It takes longer (and is harder) to pay for, keep alive on the board, and swing with infect creatures to do 10 points of poison damage than to do 20 points of non infect damage. That’s why no one plays it.

What is Infect deck MTG?

Infect is a deck that relies on the mechanics of the same name from the Nova Phyrexia set, its text is as follows; “This creature deals damage to creatures in the form of -1 / -1 counters and to players in the form of poison counters.” On the one hand, it looks like the “Wither” mechanic coming from Lorwyn’s block.

How does infect work in MTG?

So what does that mean, exactly? When a creature with infect deals damage to a player, the player doesn’t lose any life as a result of the damage—he or she gets that many poison counters instead. If a player ever has ten or more poison counters, that player loses the game.

Are infect decks legal?

With this deck, you can deal damage insanely fast and build up poison counters on your opponent (It only takes 10 poison counters to win!) This deck includes a number of strong infect creatures, plus spells to pump those creatures such as overrun and untamed might. Modern legal.

Is infect good in modern?

Infect has the capability to be just about the fastest deck in Modern. Infect also plays a surprising amount of interaction for such a linear deck. Not only can Blossoming Defense and Vines of Vastwood protect creatures from removal spells, Dismember can clear blockers.

Do infect counters stay on creatures?

The -1/-1 counters remain on the creature indefinitely. They’re not removed if the creature regenerates or the turn ends. Damage from a source with infect is damage in all respects. If the source with infect also has lifelink, damage dealt by that source also causes its controller to gain that much life.

Is infect and poison the same?

Note that there is a big difference between poisonous and infect, though – a poisonous creature deals combat damage normally, then applies a fixed number of poison counters, while a creature with infect does not cause the player to lose life and likes pump effects much more.

Does infect trigger Lifelink?

Abilities that trigger on damage being dealt will trigger if a source with infect deals damage, if appropriate. Creatures with Infect still deal damage, so all abilities that trigger* (such as Lifelink) still function. Damage dealt to a player by a source with infect causes that player to get that many poison counters.

Is infect broken?

Infect is by no means broken, just a different aggro strategy. Also, the fact that your life total doesn’t matter is a really good thing. Sign in blood, fetches, and any other pay life effects become more powerful.

Does Skithiryx deal commander damage?

You are correct. Damage dealt by a commander to a player is commander damage, no matter if that damage makes the player lose life or not.

How do you beat modern infect?

Infect is good at playing around removal. It has cost-efficient spells that both defend against kill spells and tack on secondary effects (unblockability, pump, etc.). One way to beat that is to overwhelm an Infect opponent with removal spells, but this is often card-intensive and forces you to keep mana open.

What are poison counters in Magic The Gathering?

A poison counter is a counter that, unlike most other counters, is placed on players rather than objects. When a player has ten or more poison counters, that player loses the game. A player with at least one poison counter is considered poisoned.