Is Haley from Modern Family a virgin?

TV Guide reveals that an upcoming episode of Modern Family will have Phil (Ty Burrell) discovering that his oldest daughter, Haley (Sarah Hyland), is no longer a virgin. Burrell told TVG that “He’s, of course, horrified. But it ends up being very heartfelt and meaningful.”

Does Alex lose her virginity in Modern Family?

She began drinking recreationally at age 16, sometime around the events of “A Hard Jay’s Night”. She lost her virginity at age 17, as she accidentally reveals to her father in “Double Click”.

Who does Haley Dunphy lose her virginity to?

4 Alex: Revealing Haley wasn’t a virgin to Phil However, Alex broke Haley’s trust when she revealed to Phil that Haley had lost her virginity to Dylan. Unsurprisingly, Phil was mortified to discover this truth.

Who played Miranda on Modern Family?

Lin-Manuel Miranda
“Good Cop Bad Dog” is the 22nd episode of the American comedy television series Modern Family’s second season and the 46th episode overall….Good Cop Bad Dog.

“Good Cop Bad Dog”
Original air date May 11, 2011
Guest appearance
Lin-Manuel Miranda as Guillermo
Episode chronology

When did Claire Dunphy lose her virginity?

“Virgin Territory” is the 16th episode of the third season of the American sitcom Modern Family and the series’ 64th episode overall. It aired on February 22, 2012.

When did Haley Dunphy get pregnant?

Modern Family is upping the ante for Season 10’s second half as Haley Dunphy’s (Sarah Hyland) pregnancy takes a surprising turn. In a clip from the January 9 episode, “Moving Day,” shared by People, the eldest Dunphy child discovers she’s not just pregnant with a child, but rather twins.

Do Mitch and Cam adopt another baby?

Also, the storyline with the failed adoption of a second baby by Mitch and Cameron and the way the two actors played the scene of frustration and disappointment received positive feedback.

What is the best Modern Family episode?

The 25 best ‘Modern Family’ episodes

  • 1 of 25. Pilot (2009)
  • 2 of 25. “Run for Your Wife” (Season 1, 2009)
  • 3 of 25. “Fizbo” (Season 1, 2009)
  • 4 of 25. “Moon Landing” (Season 1, 2010)
  • 5 of 25. “My Funky Valentine” (Season 1, 2010)
  • 6 of 25. “The Kiss” (Season 2, 2010)
  • 7 of 25. “Earthquake” (Season 2, 2010)
  • 8 of 25.

Why was Lin-Manuel Miranda in Modern Family?

Tony Award-winner Lin-Manuel Miranda makes a guest appearance on ABC’s Modern Family. In the episode, Miranda is featured as the inventor of an innovative dog-training technique whom Gloria (Sofia Vergara) brings home to meet Jay (Ed O’Neill).

Who does Alex end up with Modern Family?

Arvin is a two-time Vanderscoff Grant winner, one for philosophy and one for geometry. In the series finale, he and Alex are in a relationship.

Did Haley on Modern Family really have a baby?

Later in the comedy series, Haley Dunphy learned that she was pregnant with Dylan’s baby. Well, actually, his babies. This character gave birth to twins, Poppy and George. The actor behind this character, Sarah Hyland, also wore a pregnancy suit during this series.

When was virgin territory episode on Modern Family?

“Virgin Territory” is the sixteenth episode from Season 3 of Modern Family, it aired on February 22, 2012. Jay finds out Mitchell ruined his greatest golf moment. While on the way to fix Lily’s doll, Alex spills a surprising secret about Haley to Phil, leaving him heartbroken, while Gloria discovers a secret of Claire’s.

Is the show Modern Family based on a true story?

While it is never to the degree of hysterical laughter, the show still hits the funny bone while being an honest story of a real-life modern times family. This episode, in particular, dealt with lies, virginity, and the tough reality of the secrets we all hold from our own family members.

What happens at the end of Modern Family?

Luke gives Manny a quick run-down of the car and they leave. Manny awkwardly drives and fails to impress Miranda. As the boys drive back their mom gets home, but before she can punish the boys, Cameron falls inside and gets injured, but he is satisfied that he has found his Tupperware.

What did Phil say to Haley on Modern Family?

Haley doesn’t miss the message and tries to say she’s the same person, just changed a little bit, but Phil’s not having it. In the interview, he wanted to say to Haley he knew she was almost 18 and he was trying to be cool about such things, and he trusted her to be safe about it and make good decisions.