Is Godin a good guitar?

This guitar is very very durable, very sturdy stuff, very very heavy (heavy like a Gibson guitar), but it got hit pretty bad and got ‘abused’ in live playing, yet the finish and the wood is intact. If you are looking for a quality guitar for a good price you should seriosly consider a Godin Summit.

What strings does the Godin a6 Ultra have?

Godin recommends their own or D’addario XL nickel wound jazz (with wound g string vs. just wire).

What guitars are made by Godin?

There are six brands under the Godin family: Seagull, Simon & Patrick, Norman, LaPatrie and Art & Lutherie, and Godin. We are also the manufacturer of the revolutionary TRIC case which provides a new level of guitar protection, unparalleled in the industry today.

Where are Taylor t5 guitars made?

Taylor only manufactures guitars in El Cajon, California and Tecate, Mexico.

How do you pronounce Godin Guitars?

It’s pronounced Go-Din.

Does Godin make custom guitars?

Godin Guitars has revealed a series of new Custom Shop models, including the Summit Classic LTD series, the Montreal Premiere LTD Desert Blue, 5th Ave Uptown LTD SilverGold and the Coral Blue Session Custom T 59.

What strings does Godin use?

Godin Guitars 008995 Seagull A6 LT Phosphor Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings, Light

Brand Godin Guitars
String material type Phosphor Bronze
String gauge .012
Instrument Acoustic Guitar

Who makes Norman guitars?

Godin (guitar manufacturer)

Type Private
Area served Worldwide
Products Electric and acoustic guitars, basses
Number of employees 1,000+
Subsidiaries Seagull Guitars Simon & Patrick Guitars Norman Guitars Art & Lutherie Guitars La Patrie Guitars TRIC

Who plays Godin guitar?

Guitarist David Levita
Guitarist David Levita has played with some of the biggest artists in the industry including Alanis Morissette, Rod Stewart, Faith Hill, Tim McGraw to name a few, and one guitar that shares the stage with him is his Godin Multiac Nylon Duet Ambiance.

What is the best Maton guitar?

Check out these four great new Maton Guitars!

  • Maton SRS808C Solid Road Series Cedar Top Acoustic Guitar, Natural Satin.
  • Maton SRS60C Solid Road Series Acoustic Guitar, Natural Satin.
  • Maton EGB808TE Tommy Emmanuel Signature Acoustic Guitar in Honey Stain Satin.

How do you say Godin in French?

It’s pronounced Go-Din. I thought it was Go-Dan. If you watch the videos on the Godin website, you hear the narrator pronounce the brand very quickly… but it’s hard to make out. What you’re hearing is the correct, Quebecois French pronunciation of the name Godin.

Can a Godin A6 be used as an electric guitar?

The Godin A6 provides a true arsenal of acoustic sounds while eliminated the feedback problem associated with recording/performing with big-body acoustic guitar. The bridge humbucker provides warmth, and because the A6 has two outputs, you can isolate the electric pickup on it’s own track and output for all kinds of possibilities.

What kind of wood is a Godin A6 made of?

The top is made from a solid cedar wood, the neck is from the mahogany, and the fingerboard is from the rosewood. Godin A6 offers a unique concept in its guitar which you get plugged-in acoustic sound with some electric guitar feel at its neck. The chambered body is virtually eliminating the feedback in live and the loud settings.

Is the Godin A6 ultra-natural semi-gloss review?

Bart, you are the best! First and foremost, big thumbs up to the guys at Sweetwater. My Godin A6 was in tune and perfectly intonated out of the box. The action is pretty much perfect. The guitar itself presents a limitless expanse of tonal options. Two outputs, one for the humbucker and one for the under-saddle transducer.

Is the bridge humbucker on a Godin A6 good?

The bridge humbucker provides warmth, and because the A6 has two outputs, you can isolate the electric pickup on it’s own track and output for all kinds of possibilities. 39 of 40 people (98%) people found this review helpful.