Is Gjetost the same as brunost?

Gjetost has always been sweet like butterscotch with a dense, rich texture. This unique Norwegian brown cheese is also known as Brunost, which is simply Norwegian for Brown Cheese. The Ski Queen variety is a blend of cow and goat’s milk, whereas the Ekte Gjetost Cheese from Norway is made from 100% goat’s milk.

What is brunost good for?

Brunost is mostly used as a topping for sandwiches, crispbread, and biscuits as well as knekkebrød.

How do you serve brunost?

The most common way to serve brunost is by using the unique cheese slicer that you can see in some of the pictures on this page. This item is an integral part of any Norwegian kitchen. You slice off a slither from the block and can eat it atop toast, on a crispbread topped with strawberry jam, or even with waffles.

What is Ski Queen cheese?

Ski Queen is a typically Norwegian full fat whey cheese with a fudge-like texture and sweet caramel flavour that was fist made in Gudbrandsdalen valley more than 130 years ago. The colour is brown and the cheese is sliceable.

What do you eat with Gjetost?

It might not be the fanciest cheese on your marble board, but gjetost is always an interesting way to liven up your cheese plate. Serve this cheese with crackers, fresh pears, and fruit compote for a perfect pairing that will almost certainly end up devoured long before that hunk of Maytag bleu.

Can cheese be made from whey?

Whey cheese is a dairy product made of whey, the by-product of cheesemaking. After the production of most cheeses, about 50% of milk solids remain in the whey, including most of the lactose and lactalbumin. Since these are not primarily made of coagulated milk proteins, they are technically not cheese.

How do you serve Gjetost cheese?

How to Eat Gjetost. Gjetost is often sliced and served on toast for breakfast. Gjetost is also great for breakfast because it’s a cheese that pairs well with coffee. It travels well and is a good cheese to keep in your pocket while skiing or take on road trips and camping trips.

How do you eat Gjetost?

What do you eat with Gjetost cheese?

How long does Brunost last?

HOW TO STORE. Gjetost will last for about 1 month in the refrigerator so long as it’s properly wrapped in plastic or wax paper.