Is Fresno dangerous?

As far as crime, it depends on the specific neighborhood, of course, but overall Fresno is probably about as safe as Los Angeles — more dangerous than San Diego, not as dangerous as Oakland. Clovis is probably safer than Sioux Falls. My neighbors in Northeast Fresno are kind and quiet.

How do you find out about police activity in your neighborhood?

A good way to find out what the police are doing in your neighborhood is to call a newsroom. Every newspaper and television station has at least one staffer monitoring police scanners. If the cops have called in the choppers, it’s likely an incident that reporters have been monitoring.

What is the crime rate in California?

California’s property crime rate was above the national rate (2,110 per 100,000 residents) and ranked 19th among all states. Of all reported property crimes in California in 2019, 68% were larceny thefts, 17% were burglaries , and 15% were auto thefts. Crime rates vary dramatically by region and category.