Is Finlandia a good vodka?

A very good vodka from Finland, Finlandia is a great premium vodka, made with glacial spring water.

Is Finlandia premium vodka?

A year later the Finlandia brand became the first Nordic vodka sold in the United States, as well as the first imported vodka brand there classified in a premium category.

Is Finlandia Vodka cheap?

Finlandia is a 40% ABV vodka from Finland. The vodka is produced by Altia Corp and imported by Brown-Forman Beverages. The quality is considered to be good. The average price is around $17.01 per 750mL.

Is Stoli better than Absolut?

The taste is as biting and distinct as ever. Our panel split over its merits; some found Stoli to be “less blunt” than Absolut, praised its “interesting attack” and “potency,” and noticed “hints of charcoal” in its flavor. (I found out later that Stoli is filtered through quartz, cloth, and Siberian birch charcoal.)

What vodka is from Poland?

Best Polish Vodka

Name Type (distilled from) Price per bottle
Dębowa Polska (Polish Oak Vodka) Grain vodka 46PLN ($12)
Żołądkowa Gorzka Grain vodka
Wyborowa Grain vodka 26PLN ($6.70)
Pan Tadeusz (Mr.Ted) Grain vodka (wheat and rye) 26PLN ($6.70)

What vodka is made from potatoes?

Luksusowa Vodka Luksusowa is the #1 selling potato vodka in the world.

What kind of vodka do they drink in Finland?

Popular drinks. Vodka in Finland is typically consumed in a single straight shot. Flavours, such as mint or lime, are popular both in Finland and abroad. There is even tar-flavoured vodka, which many Finns love but foreigners hate.

Which is the cheapest vodka in the world?

Smirnoff Vodka should be almost anywhere you look. It’s one of the most reliable and inexpensive vodkas out there with a number of flavors to explore. The brand claims to be the world’s most popular vodka and most awarded name in the category. Smirnoff is a grain-based vodka; the unflavored is available in 80-, 90-, and 100-proof bottles.

What kind of vodka is best for dessert?

These include​ green apple, blueberry, citrus, cranberry, watermelon, orange, raspberry, strawberry, and black cherry (try a Black Cherry Breezer). Like most other brands, Smirnoff has followed the dessert vodka trend and produces whipped cream, marshmallow, kissed caramel, and iced cake.

What kind of vodka is best for grapefruit?

Luksusowa is a Polish potato vodka crafted in the fine traditions of the country’s vodka lineage. The rye gives the finished product a rich, silky taste that’s quite enjoyable on its own. Grapefruit adds a little pizazz when used in place of citrus vodkas.