Is extra services owned by McDonalds?

McDonalds Extra is an associated brand that the company use in the UK in their branches on motorways. This image can’t be licensed for personal use (e.g. personal prints).

How many extra service stations are there?

nine service stations
It originally planned 17 service stations and currently operates a total of nine service stations, and two petrol stations at competitor owned sites: Baldock – A1/A1(M) J10, via A507.

What services are on A1?

Services on the A1

  • South Mimms Truckstop.
  • Northbound (Astwick) Facilities.
  • Southbound (Northway) Facilities.
  • Colsterworth Truckstop.
  • Northbound Facilities.
  • Southbound Facilities.
  • Willowtree Facilities.
  • Cawledge Facilities.

What does McDonalds extra mean?

Our Extra Value Meal includes the following: a choice of one of the following core menu items (Big Mac®, Chicken McNuggets®®, Chicken Legend®, Quarter Pounder™ with Cheese, McChicken® Sandwich or Filet-o-Fish®), along with a side order (a choice of either Fries or Garden Side Salad) and a drink.

Is Baldock services open during lockdown?

With the announcement of the new lockdown restrictions this evening, we can confirm that we will be still be open, but temporarily without instore takeaway facilities. *Click & Serve is available at all drive-thru locations and at Baldock Services, Headington & Botley.

What’s a McDonald’s gold card?

The McDonald’s Gold Card entitles the owner to free McDonald’s food; specifically a free medium McDonald’s meal every week. Has there ever been a greater gift than that (well, maybe two free medium McDonald’s meals very week.

What does extra service mean?

Extra Service means the extra account functionality included as part of a Paid For Service.

Is a scotch a corner?

Scotch Corner is a junction of the A1(M) and A66 trunk roads near Richmond in North Yorkshire, England….

Scotch Corner
Middleton Tyas, North Yorkshire
Coordinates 54.4426°N 1.6690°WCoordinates:54.4426°N 1.6690°W
Roads at junction A1(M) A66 A6055

How many services are on a1m?

13 services
There are 13 services on the A1(M) which are listed on this site, details of which are below.

What are the extra value meals at mcdonalds?

The basic Big Mac Extra Value Meal, which comes with a Big Mac burger, a choice of a medium beverage and medium fries is $8. On its own, the Big Mac sandwich costs $5, a medium fountain soda costs $1 and medium fries cost $2.50, totaling $8.50. So that “Extra Value” adds up to a whopping 50 cents.

What restaurants are at Baldock services?

Take a break and grab something to eat or drink in our spacious Food Court. Choose from major brands including McDonald’s, Starbucks, Greggs, West Cornwall Pasty Co, KFC, Chopstix and El Mexicana. You can also pick up items to go at WH Smith, Top Gift and M&S Simply Food.

How much is it to park at Baldock services?

Parking charges at Baldock, Beaconsfield, Cambridge, Cobham, Leeds and Peterborough are as below; Up to 3 hours – Free. Up to 4 hours – £9.00. Up to 6 hours – £20.00.