Is Bose SoundTouch discontinued?

As we are evolving our product assortment to better serve your needs, we are discontinuing sales of some SoundTouch products. We remain committed to support both the SoundTouch app and product software for the foreseeable future.

Is Bose soundwear worth it?

The Bose Soundwear is a great example of a wearable speaker. It’s relatively comfortable, has a decent battery life and excellent sound quality, and it carries out hands-free calls at a high-quality level.

Why is my Bose SoundTouch not working?

If your Bose SoundTouch 10 is not connecting with the stereo, please make sure the SoundTouch systems are within range of the router. If this does not work, reset all devices involved (SoundTouch 10 speakers, router, range extenders/repeaters) by unplugging them from power for one minute.

What does Bose SoundTouch do?

SoundTouch lets you take total control of your listening experience. Browse popular music services, as well as Internet radio stations through TuneIn, or your stored music library. Start streaming music instantly, or use the app to easily personalize the presets for one-touch access to the music you love.

Can you run with Bose SoundWear?

It might work if you’re running outside someplace quiet where you don’t have to worry about sharing your playlist with everyone you pass. The SoundWear Companion is a fun, quirky gadget that sounds downright terrific for what it is, but it’s also an impractical product for a lot of people and in many contexts.

How do you answer a call on Bose SoundWear?

Answer a call Press the Multi-function button . End a call Press . Decline an incoming call Press and hold for one second. Answer a second incoming call and put the current call on hold While on a call, press .

How do I pair Bose SoundTouch?

To add a system to your SoundTouch account: Go to the Wi-Fi settings of your device and connect to the Bose SoundTouch network: For Android devices, the network should automatically connect. For Apple devices, the app instructs you to go to the device Wi-Fi settings and select the Bose network.

Why wont my Bose SoundTouch connect to Wi-Fi?

If your device does will not connect to the setup network of your Bose product, go to your device Settings, select Cellular and disable Wi-Fi Assist. Then, tap the Bose network name to connect to it.

Does Bose SoundTouch work without WiFi?

Hello Paul, the Bose Wave SoundTouch Music System IV requires an in home Wi-Fi network for use, the built in tuner and CD player will operate without setting up the Wi-Fi portion.