Is bike racing a job?

Bicycle careers and jobs are available in racing event management and team management.. Many racers take their experience and expertise and stay in the bicycle industry by supplying these services. …

What is the salary of bike racer?

Frequently asked questions about a Rider salaries The highest salary for a Rider in India is ₹2,08,637 per year. The lowest salary for a Rider in India is ₹1,61,269 per year.

How do you become a professional bike racer?

In order to participate in professional races in India, one needs a licence from the FMSCI and go through training. I have been riding motorcycles for almost 12 years (not professionally) and mostly didn’t look at my motorcycle as anything more than two wheels to get me from point A to B.

How much do MTB racers make?

So, while 51.65% of riders earn less than $20,000 USD, nearly a third of pro riders get paid more than $40,000 USD per year and nearly a quarter earn more than $50,000 USD.

Can I become bike racer?

Well, if you intend to take part in a race, you need an FMSCI License. Instead, you could sign up for racing school, get the requisite certificate from Honda or Yamaha and once you produce this before the FMSCI, you’re almost certain to get your racing licence.

What is the fees of racing academy?

100% refund would be done in case of event cancellation. No refund due to Socio-political conditions or Rain / Dust storm / Bandh / etc….KMS – Coimbatore.

Training Fee Rs. 50,000 / Level 1
Open Track Session Rs. 20,000 / 1 day
Open Track Session Rs. 40,000 / 2 days

Is bike racing legal in India?

Though sometimes done illegally, drag racing is becoming a popular street phenomenon in many cities across India. The distance between legal and illegal is only about half a second. In 2005, the second major drag race event received a runaway 530 entries and some 30,000 people watched the stunts.

How to get a job in the bicycle industry?

The ultimate destination to find a job in the Bicycle Industry. The ultimate destination to find a job in the Bicycle Industry. Join other career-minded people who have successfully combined their passion for cycling with a challenging, fun and rewarding job. Be part of the Bicycle Industry

When is the best time to get a bike racing job?

Depends on your definition of “time off.” I usually have a few weeks in the winter when I am totally off. Throughout most of the year, I have plenty of days off or rest days, but it’s not the same as a weekend when you leave everything at work. This is a job you take home with you.

How much money does a professional bike racer make?

There isn’t really an average for this. Each person has his/her own unique worth based on race results, personality, marketability, social media following, etc. There are some professional cyclists who make no money and have full-time jobs and some who make more than $100,000.00/ year.

Where can I find a professional bike racer?

Read as Georgia Gould talks about her career as a Professional Bike Racer. Find her at and on her Twitter Feed in the sidebar of this interview.