Is BeauEr available in the US?

The BeauEr campers are available in Canada, Europe, China and Korea, but not the U.S. “I am currently looking for an American partner to import BeauEr caravans,” founder Eric Beau says.

How much does a BeauEr 3X cost?

The downside to Beauer 3X is that it costs around $33,000 and is only sold in Europe at the moment.

Are BeauEr caravans available in Australia?

Ironically, the telescopic tiddler – which expands from a 3.3 metre (11ft) compact able to be towed by a small hatch into a 6.7 metre (22ft) caravan with a shower and toilet in just 20 seconds – is being brought to Australia by the manufacturer of some of Australia’s largest caravans.

Are Goldstream campers any good?

THE VERDICT. Goldstream RVs have a particular air of premium quality and the Taylor family’s Wing 3 Off-Road has all the bells and whistles. I’ve had enough experience with these units to confidently state that they are a cut above the rest and a good mate when the going gets rough.

Are escape trailers good quality?

Escape designs high-quality, lightweight fiberglass trailers ‘Built for you!” Quality, practicality, elegance, affordability, and outstanding customer satisfaction ensure Escape a strong competitive foothold within the RV industry.

How big can a beauer 3x travel trailer get?

Like magic, the new BeauEr 3X travel trailer expands to three times its size in less than 60 seconds. With BeauEr’s new expandable 3X travel trailer, you can have the best of both worlds—a home that goes everywhere you go, and a living dynamic that echos a traditional home. Beauer 3X

How much does a beauer Camper Van cost?

The French company also offers a 2X model that doubles in size, for those who need less space. The 2X camper with roughly 90 square feet of living space starts at $25,466. BeauEr is currently working on a new concept for 2020 called Van-X, which is equipped with a slide-out module that expands into a bedroom.

Where can I buy a beauer dwell travel trailer?

No longer just a concept, the camper has come to full realization and is available worldwide. The trailers are available in Europe, China, Korea, Canada — and soon in Australia and the U.S. The French camper is inspired by the small, curvy retro caravans of the 1960s, like the Bourreau Sologne, Georges et Jacques, Baillou, and Escargot.

Is the beauer plus a triple expanding camper?

Just a rendering the last time we checked, the Plus is now a large, fully constructed six-person camper with the same style of triple-expanding design as the smaller 3X.