Is a 335i or 335d better?

how is a 335i better than a 335d on the highway? the d has much more 6th gear power and it gets MUCH better gas mileage especially when driven aggressively.

Is the 335d faster than the 335i?

Here are the details: The 335d used a 3.0-liter turbodiesel 6-cylinder that made 265 horsepower and an enormous 425 lb-ft of torque, which meant it was just 35 horses behind the sporty 335i and 125 lb-ft of torque ahead. In other words, the 335d was a similarly fast, more efficient version of the 335i.

How much HP does a 335i have?

Powertrain specs

Engine type twin turbo R6
Displacement 3.0 l (183 ci)
Power 306 ps (302 bhp / 225 kw)
Torque 400 Nm (295 lb-ft)
Power / liter 102 ps (101 hp)

What engine does a BMW 335d have?


Engine In-line six-cyl, 2993cc, bi-turbo
Max power 282bhp @ 4400rpm
Max torque 428lb ft @ 1750-2250rpm
0-60 6.1sec (claimed)
Top speed 155mph (limited)

What’s the difference between BMW 330d and 335d?

The 335d has 286bhp whereas the LCI 330d has 245bhp. It doesn’t feel like a 40bhp difference though, in fact I couldn’t feel much difference in performance when driving both cars hard. The obvious difference is that the 335d was more ready to put the horses down with the advantage of twin turbos.

What is the 335d?

The 335d is, well, a 3-series, and that means all the exceptional dynamics that make it a perennial 10Best Cars winner come along with it. Simply put, the Bimmer is not just the mileage champ, it’s more fun to drive than the E320 and the A4 as well.

Is the 335i fast?

It moved, but the 335i is definitely an entire level beyond it. I consider it a very fast car – even stock. It’s not exactly in the 12’s, but the engine has so much well balanced torque that you are never in a dead spot, and the car just pulls deliciously at highway speeds.

How long will a 335d last?

You want your BMW 335d to last as long as possible. With the right maintenance at the right time, your 335d has a good chance of hitting 200,000 miles or more. So, you want to care for your car, but you’re not sure when to get certain services.

Is a 335i reliable?

The BMW 335i Reliability Rating is 2.0 out of 5.0, which ranks it 28th out of 31 for luxury midsize cars. The average annual repair cost is $1,030 which means it has poor ownership costs.

How fast is a BMW 335i 0 to 60?


Engine 2979cc, in-line 6-cyl, twin-turbo
Max power 382bhp @ 6080rpm
Max torque 404lb ft @ 3220rpm
0-60 4.6sec
Top speed 155mph

Is the BMW 335d twin turbo?

The rear-wheel drive 335d sedan is powered by a 3.0-liter, twin turbo, inline six-cylinder advanced diesel engine that puts out 265 horsepower and 425 pound-feet of torque. A six-speed automatic is the only transmission choice. A six-speed automatic is the only transmission choice.

IS 328d a good car?

It has been wonderful with no problems, great service, and has averaged 45 MPH the entire time we have owned it. We purchased it with 11,000 miles and it now has 73,000.