Is 5Linx a pyramid scheme?

5LINX is a multi-level marketing, or MLM, company, like Amway or Mary Kay Cosmetics. Like most MLM operations, 5LINX works upon a pyramid-sales approach. If you recruit others to make sales, you can become even more successful than by making sales yourself.

Is 5Linx still in business?

Sadly, in 2017, the co-founders of 5Linx were charged with fraud and money laundering. Two of them were sentenced in 2018. The issues were about the founders and their decisions, and not 5Linx itself or the income setup. 5Linx is still active under new management.

What is 5Linx business?

5Linx is an American multi-level marketing company headquartered in Rochester, New York, which offers utility and telecommunication services, health insurance, nutritional supplements, and business services. It was founded in 2001.

How do I cancel my 5LINX membership?

Cancellation Policy To cancel your 5LINX Wellness subscription, you must call 5LINX at 1-844-727-9355 at least 10 days prior to your next Subscription shipment date.

What do you need to know about 5Linx?

5LINX is the one-stop shop for your home, wellness, and more. To learn more about each of the outstanding products and services in the 5LINX portfolio, simply click on the corresponding links below. 5LINX has allowed us to secure our retirement and given us time to spend together and with our children.

Who are the advisory council members of 5LINX?

Featured below are the stories of our 5LINX Advisory Council members who have achieved incredible success with the company. 5LINX has allowed us to secure our retirement and given us time to spend together and with our children.

Who are the most successful representatives of 5LINX?

5LINX offers a unique opportunity to individuals from all walks of life. Some of our most successful representatives have worked in the upper echelon of corporate America, while others have come from homelessness in finding their calling with 5LINX.

What does 5Linx have to do with the American Dream?

5LINX has allowed us to chase down the American Dream, to spend quality time with family and friends while being able to meet financial obligations.” I’ve been blessed to have grown a part-time income into a full-time income stream, and spend time with my mother and provide a greater quality of life for her.