How warm is it in the Outer Banks in April?

Outer Banks weather in April

Temperature April 14.9°C | 58.9°F Precipitation / Rainfall April
Temperature April max. 18.7°C | 65.7°F Water Temperature April
Temperature April min. 12.1°C | 53.7°F

Does it rain a lot in Nags Head?

In Nags Head there is a lot of rain even in the driest month. The climate here is classified as Cfa by the Köppen-Geiger system. The average temperature in Nags Head is 16.9 °C | 62.5 °F. The rainfall here is around 1202 mm | 47.3 inch per year.

Is it cold in April in Maryland?

April Weather in Baltimore Maryland, United States. Daily high temperatures increase by 11°F, from 60°F to 71°F, rarely falling below 48°F or exceeding 83°F. Daily low temperatures increase by 10°F, from 44°F to 54°F, rarely falling below 35°F or exceeding 63°F.

Is it always windy in Nags Head?

According to, the Outer Banks averages 20 days a month of windy days all year round. Spring and fall have a reputation for stronger winds, but summer winds are generally consistent on a daily basis. In summer, the prevailing winds are usually from the southwest.

Is April a good time to visit Outer Banks?

The weather on the Outer Banks in the spring sets the scene for countless outdoor adventures. The temperatures rise throughout April, reaching the mid to high 70s! It’s the perfect opportunity to hike and explore Cape Hatteras National Seashore and admire the area’s flora and fauna this time of year.

Is it warm enough to swim in Outer Banks in April?

Is it warm enough to swim in Outer Banks in April? Average water temperature in Outer Banks in April is 65.1°F and therefore is not suitable for comfortable swimming. The warmest sea in Outer Banks in April is 72.3°F, and the coldest is 50.9°F.

Does it always rain in Outer Banks?

Our most recent vacation to OBX had rain forecasted every day. It didn’t rain once. My experience is that the weather patterns are extremely unpredictable for OBX and while the mainland might have rain, it often doesn’t make it to the banks.

What is the water temp in Nags Head NC?

Nags Head is a town close to atlantic ocean. mild temperate climate with hot summer would be the climate here. August is the month with the highest water temperature at 79.3°F / 26.3°C….Nags Head Summary.

Description Value
Current water temperature /
Best Time to Visit: June, July, August, September

What is the average temp in Maryland in April?

Average Temperatures for Baltimore

Month Low High
Mar 33.6°F 53.9°F
Apr 42.0°F 64.5°F
May 51.8°F 73.9°F
Jun 60.8°F 82.7°F

Does it snow in Baltimore in April?

The average precipitation in April, in Baltimore, is 3 inches. The heaviest snowfall on record for Baltimore in April was the April Fools Day storm in 1924, which surprised the city with 9.4 inches. (What IS it about April 1?) Measurable snow has fallen on 10 dates in April.

Is it always windy in OBX?

Wind is an everyday constant on the Outer Banks (the Wright Brothers came here for a reason), and can range from gentle southwest breezes to strong northeast storm winds.

Can you swim in OBX in April?

We have been in April several times, the weather can vary from the 50’s to 70’s. Not too bad for playing on the beach, but deinitely not for swimming unless you have a full body wetsuit. If the pool was heated it would be fine to swim.