How to beat the Egg Dragoon in Sonic generations?

Each part of the Egg Dragoon must be hit four times to defeat it. During the battle, the camera then changes to a 2.5D perspective and the Egg Dragoon will shoot ice at Sonic that can be avoided by jumping over it.

What Sonic game is the Egg Dragoon from?

Sonic Unleashed
Appearance. The first Egg Dragoon, from the Xbox 360/PlayStation 3 version of Sonic Unleashed. The Egg Dragoon is an imposing red mecha with design similarities to that of a dragon.

How do you beat time eater in Sonic Generations?

To defeat the Time Eater, the player must attack into its core, signaled by a lock-on target when in range. When the core cracks, Rings will spewing out briefly. After the first two hits, the Time Eater will lose its lower body limbs which will be replaced by black smoke.

Who is Dark Gaia?

Dark Gaia (ダークガイア, Dāku Gaia?) is an antagonist in the Sonic the Hedgehog series. It is a primordial hyper energy organism from the dawn of time and the incarnation of darkness, night, and destruction.

How many times do you have to hit the Death Egg Robot?

When it comes down, its hands will fire, attempting to hit the player. This Death Egg Robot is tough, as it takes twelve hits to destroy it completely.

How big is the death egg?

Assuming the pyramid is the size of the great pyramid of Giza (which the length of Sandopolis Act 2 can attest to), that would mean the Death Egg is about 2.5 km across, or 1.5 miles. (This makes Angel Island’s size about 20 km long.) Nothing too big, but large enough to be a threat.

Is Mephiles the time eater?

Background Information. According to Ian Flynn on the Bumbleking forums, he believes that SEGA intended to imply that the Time Eater was leftover matter of Mephiles. As such, he stated that the Time Eater is an alternate state of Mephiles that “slipped through a crack in time”.

Is Dark Gaia dead?

When the Shattered World Crisis occurred, Dark Gaia was awoken in an incomplete form and began ravaging the world at night as the Dark Gaia Creatures. It was eventually fully resurrected by Dr. Eggman, only to be defeated by Super Sonic and the Gaia Colossus.

Is Sonic a werehog?

Sonic the Werehog (also known as Werehog Sonic, Beast Sonic or simply the Werehog) is a corrupt transformation that Sonic the Hedgehog undergoes in Sonic Unleashed. It is caused by Dr. Eggman and a special ray that hits Sonic with Dark Gaia’s power, in turn, the energy from Dark Gaia had turned Sonic into this from.

How does Eggman Attack Sonic in Sonic Generations?

Whilst in the Egg Dragoon’s body, Eggman attacks using eithers its Drill Attack that can be avoided by using Quick Step, or its Fire Beam that must be jumped over. Whilst in the Egg Dragoon’s tail, Eggman will fire its Ice Waves at Sonic, which must be avoided by simply moving out of the way.

How many hits does it take to defeat Egg Dragoon?

Once both parts of the Egg Dragoon’s body are defeated, another mini-cutscene shows it crashing at the bottom of the vertical tunnel whilst Sonic simply lands there, unscathed. It takes a total of 8 hits to defeat the Egg Dragoon on Normal mode, and 10 hits to defeat it on Hard mode.

Where does the Egg Dragoon Battle take place?

The battle is set underneath Eggmanland, near the core of earth. Unlike the original battle in Sonic Unleashed, Sonic the Werehog is not playable but rather Sonic himself will have to fight the Egg Dragoon. The Egg Dragoon is fought in a long, circular tunnel, underneath Eggmanland.