How tall does a Luculia gratissima plant grow?

Luculia gratissima can grow to about 10 feet tall in organic soil topped with organic mulch. The Latin word gratissima means “very pleasing,” and the species is aptly named. It offers glorious pink flowers with a heavenly fragrance.

What’s the botanical name for the plant Luculia?

Common name: Luculia. Botanic name: Luculia gratissima. The genus name, Luculia, is the Latinised form of the Nepalese name, Luculi Swa.

Where is the best place to grow Luculia?

However, you can try growing Luculia in any region with a mild climate. Luculia plant information suggests that British plant hunters brought the shrub to Europe in the 19th century. Today, these plants grow all over the world, right down into the tropics, but do best in area with mild climates.

What kind of lime to use on Luculia?

A light prune to remove spent flowers at this time will also help to shape the plant and keep it bushy. Luculias benefit from the occasional application of a small amount of lime, except in areas such as Adelaide or Perth which have alkaline soils.