How old is tsumago?

Founded in 1500, its main deity was added in 1599, and is notable for its Nightingale floors and a 500-year-old weeping cherry tree out front.

How do you get to tsumago Japan?

To access Tsumago, take the JR Shinano limited express train from Shiojiri to Nagiso Station (50 minutes). Note, however, that many limited express trains do not stop at Nagiso, in which case you should transfer to a local train at Kiso-Fukushima Station or use a local train from Shiojiri.

Where is Kiso Valley in Japan?

Nagano Prefecture
The Kiso Valley (木曽路, Kisoji) is located in Nagano Prefecture, and runs alongside the mountains of the Central Alps. An ancient 70 km trade route called the Kisoji was developed along the valley and served as a very important means of commerce in the area.

How do I get to Nakasendo?

You can take the Limited Express Shinano from Nagoya Station to Nakatsugawa Station, which is a small town on the Nakasendo Highway worthy of exploring. From here take a bus to Magome Post Town about 30 minutes away, and you can walk the scenic Nakasendo Trail (2.5-3 hours) to Tsumago Post Town.

What is the meaning of Kiso?


Acronym Definition
KISO Korean International Student Organization (University of Minnesota; Minneapolis, MN)

What prefecture is Kiso Valley?

The Kiso Valley is a beautiful area located between Shiojiri and Nakatsugawa in Nagano Prefecture. The area lies to the west of Tokyo – around 250KM / 3.5 to 4 hours drive.

How difficult is the Nakasendo trail?

The Nakasendo hike is a gentle 8 km with only slight elevation changes, and should take a leisurely 3–4 hours. No special footwear or equipment is necessary; comfortable flat-soled shoes (no heels!) like sneakers should be fine.

How long does it take to walk the Nakasendo?

2-3 hours
The circular walk is 7km / 4.3 miles with 632m / 2,075 feet of ascent, 637m / 2,090 feet of descent and takes 2-3 hours. You can take this walk in the morning, before heading onwards to Yabuhara. After breakfast, walk the short distance to the small town of Kiso-Hirasawa, famous for its lacquerware.

How long is the Nakasendo trail?

534 km

Where should I stay on the Nakasendo trail?

When visiting the Kiso Valley & Nakasendo, we recommend staying in Kiso-Fukushima. The thirty-seventh of the original sixty-nine shukubamachi, Kiso-Fukushima was one of the most prosperous towns along the Nakasendo.

Can you still walk the Tokaido road?

Modern-day Tōkaidō The Tokyo-Nagoya-Kyoto-Osaka route is followed by the JR Tōkaidō Main Line and Tōkaidō Shinkansen, as well as the Tōmei and Meishin expressways. A few portions of the original road can still be found, however, and in modern times at least one person has managed to follow and walk much of it.