How old is Leech in the Marvel Comics?

Leech ( James “Jimmy”) is a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics . Leech made his first appearance in Uncanny X-Men as a Morlock, a group of mutants whose deformities force them to live in the sewers under Manhattan. He is usually depicted as being around twelve years old (his exact age is unrevealed).

How did Leech get his powers in X-Men?

Leech accompanies Caliban down to the old Morlock tunnels where they are attacked by an extremist group of Morlocks led by Masque, who after knocking out Caliban, kidnaps Leech because he needs Leech’s powers. He is then rescued by the X-Men and Skids.

Who is the guy in the movie Leech?

Leech was portrayed by Cameron Bright. Though he uses his codename Leech, he is often called Jimmy. He is said to have the cure for the mutant gene that will cause normality to mutants if they were cured. His mutation in the film is involuntary as he can negate all kinds of mutation.

Where did Artie and Leech live in the comics?

Leech and Artie continued to live in the Massachusetts Academy under the care of Emma Frost and Sean Cassidy. They are later joined by Franklin Richards, who stays at the school while suffering from the loss of his family.

Who is the voice of the Leech in X Men?

Leech appears in the X-Men: Evolution episode titled “Uprising” voiced by Danny McKinnon. In this series, his name was Dorian Leach, and he appeared fairly human with brown hair, only with pale, slightly greenish skin.

Who are the Morlocks in the X Men movies?

Leech is a member of the Morlocks in comics a group of mutants lead by Callisto. In the comics, Leech was orphaned because of his mutation, so his real name and parents are unknown. Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted.

Where did Leech from the Morlocks come from?

He was a rare mutant whose physical mutation became apparent before reaching puberty. Leech was found by the Morlocks and raised as part of their underground community in The Alley. Leech was kept in close proximity to the Drain Dwellers Morlock group after Annalee lost her children to attackers.