How much is stripped copper worth right now?

Copper & Brass

Metal/Material Current Price
#1 Bare Bright Wire Used in all kinds of electrical. Stripped Bare Bright Copper, no paint/heavy corrosion. VIEW METAL DETAILS $4.00/lb

How much is copper worth per pound in Ontario?

Commercial Clients, please call (905) 362-0490 for rates.

Commodity – Updated Oct/14/2021 Price ($CAD) Unit
COPPER #1 $4.75 Per lb
COPPER #2 $4.50 Per lb
BRASS $2.85 Per lb

Is copper worth recycling?

Copper: This metal is always worth recycling, bringing in prices of more than $2/pound. Copper is so valuable to scrappers because it’s infinitely recyclable, and recycling existing copper is far more cost-effective than mining new copper.

How much is a pound of stainless steel worth?

Updated 10/14/2021

Metal Average Price Date Updated
17-4 Stainless Steel $0.21/lb Updated 10/14/2021
300 Series Stainless Steel $0.60/lb Updated 10/14/2021
304 Stainless Steel $0.58/lb Updated 10/14/2021
310 Stainless Steel $0.61/lb Updated 10/14/2021

How much is a pound of copper wire worth?

Scrap Metal Prices Per Pound:

Metal Price, $ / lb.
#1 Copper Tubing / Bus Bar $3.70-$3.90/lb Request mine
#2 Copper Tubing / Bus Bar $3.45-$3.75/lb Request mine
#1 Insulated Wire $2.70-$2.90/lb Request mine

Is Cast Iron worth anything as scrap?

Cast Iron Scrap Price The prices offered by scrap yards for cast Iron scrap are usually very low. The prices are dependent on the quality of the metals and their source. A cast iron in relatively good condition can fetch better prices than cast iron that is old, rusted and worn out.

Can you burn copper wire to strip it?

NO BURNING: First and foremost, we would like to reiterate that you should NEVER under any circumstances “burn” your copper wire to remove the insulation. Not only does it harm the environment from the fumes, but it will downgrade your copper at the scrap yard.

Where can I recycle at Maple ride?

Download the RMRS A to Z List, a short list of items accepted at the Maple Ride Recycling Depot, or see the extended version of the list below! Ridge Meadows Recycling has been running the Recycling Depot for over 30 years.

Where to pick up garbage in Maple Ridge?

Click here to find out your new recycling pickup day. Then, give us a call at 604-463-5545 to learn all about our program & visit the Maple Ridge Recycling Depot to pick up your new recycling boxes & bags! Also! Got questions about garbage pickup in Maple Ridge?

Is there a recycling society in Maple Ridge BC?

Ridge Meadows Recycling Society also administers the Spring & Fall Brush Chipping Programs, Maple Ridge’s Wildsafe BC program, and the Low-Flow Toilet Tax Credit program.

How long has Ridge Meadows recycling been in business?

Ridge Meadows Recycling has been running the Recycling Depot for over 30 years. During this time, we have worked with numerous manufacturers to develop the most local, cost-efficient, and environmentally-responsible methods of recycling various materials. We are often asked why certain materials are not recyclable.