How much is Roland GR-55 guitar synthesizer?

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This item: Roland GR-55 Guitar Synthesizer with GK-3 Pickup $ 849 .99 + FREE Shipping 36 reviews
USB 1 x Type B, 1 x Type A
Power Source 9V DC power supply
Height 3.12″
Width 16″

What year did the Roland GR-55 come out?

Los Angeles, CA, March 10, 2011 — Roland is extremely proud to announce the release of the GR-55 Guitar Synthesizer, a revolutionary new product from the world’s undisputed leader in guitar synthesis technology.

What is a synthesizer guitar?

A guitar synth is effectively a synthesizer module that receives input information from a guitar (or guitar-like controller) instead of a keyboard. They are able to sit in line with your regular guitar signal chain with no instrument mods, special pickups, or MIDI integration required.

What is a MIDI pickup?

MIDI Pickups transform your guitar into a MIDI controller, allowing you to produce thousands of sounds like piano, strings, synths and more from your electric guitar. MIDI pickups have basically no latency, so when you play a note you will hear it without delay.

How does a guitar synthesizer work?

By blending the regular electric guitar tone with synthesized sounds, a guitarist can create a hybrid timbre. The guitar synth also enables a guitarist with limited or no keyboard-playing skills to provide MIDI input into digital notation programs such as Sibelius, Finale or MuseScore.

What effects does the GT 1000 have?

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This item: Boss GT-1000 Guitar Multi-effects Pedal $ 1,059 .99 + FREE Shipping 43 reviews
Effects Types BOSS FX, Vintage Stomp Models, MDP FX Processing, DD-500, MD-500 Effects
Impulse Response AIRD Preamp/FX Models, 16 x IR Slots
Looper 38 seconds (mono), 19 seconds (stereo)

What kind of synth is a Roland GR-55?

The Roland GR-55 is a powerful guitar synthesizer with thousands of synth, guitar, and bass voices in an enormous built-in library, perfect for metal, fusion, and rock.

What kind of pickup does a GR 55 guitar have?

This comprises a 6 channel pickup (one for each string) and a selector unit which can change volume, select patches, either the guitar original pickups, the GK3 pickup or both. This allows the GR 55 to be a powerful audio processor and connects to the guitar using a 13 pin midi cable.

Is the Roland GR-55 GK-3 divided pickup sold separately?

The Roland GK-3 Divided Pickup is sold separately, or sold together with the GR-55 in the GR-55GK-BK kit. The Roland gr-55 is a revolution in guitar synthesis, with features never before available in any guitar processor. In terms of speed, it’s the fastest ever.

What do you need to know about the GR-55?

The GR-55 puts you instantly in touch with a huge library of amazing sounds, no editing required. The onboard lineup of ready-to-use presets (270, plus 297 user) takes the pain out of the process, with simple category buttons for finding the perfect sound fast.