How much is Bert Weiss worth?

Bert Weiss net worth: Bert Weiss is an American radio personality who has a net worth of $2 million. Bert Weiss got his started at a country radio station in San Diego, California as a promotions department and research assistant.

What happened to the Bert Show in Indianapolis?

Along with the change, it appears WNTR has dropped the syndicated Bert Show from mornings as the program has been removed from the station’s website. The Bert Show moved to WNTR from CHR “Energy 93.9” WYRG when that station flipped to Rock last May.

What radio station does the Bert show come on?

The Bert Show – Westwood One.

Who is leaving the Bert Show?

Brian Moote, after two years on Q100’s syndicated Bert Show, is leaving to take a radio job in Los Angeles. He will be part of top 40 station AMP 97.1 (KAMP-FM).

Who is Bert Weiss girlfriend?

Tiffany Haynes
5′s Rebecca Stevens dies; Big Tigger morning show name change. Morning host Bert Weiss announced his engagement to lifestyle coach Tiffany Haynes this week on his syndicated Bert Show after dating for almost five years.

What is Davi Crimmins maiden name?

Davina Frances Masiarczyk
Davi Crimmins was born as Davina Frances Masiarczyk. She is an actress and writer, known for Dead …

Where is the Bert Show recorded?

Since its inception, the Atlanta-based show has grown considerably. Thanks to a dynamic cast of personalities and devoted listeners, it has sky-rocketed to one of the most highly acclaimed radio shows in Atlanta and has recently expanded to encompass the Nashville and Indianapolis markets.

How do I listen to the Bert Show?

The Bert Show is now on the biggest podcasting platforms, including Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, & Spotify! Make sure you subscribe so you don’t miss a moment! And if you listen on our app, don’t worry – you can still catch us there, too!

Why did Jeff dauler leave Bert Show?

Dauler left the Bert Show in 2015, in part because he felt like he wasn’t getting proper respect and was left dangling from a contract perspective by the show leader Bert Weiss. He decided to compete directly with his former boss of 14 years and the two have not spoken since. He also nabbed Hobby for the show.

Did Kristin from The Bert Show have a baby?

The Bert Show’s Kristin Klingshirn welcomed a baby boy James into the world Monday. She had a scheduled C-section. Klingshirn, 41, kept her Instagram announcement short but sweet: “He’s here… and so worth the wait.”

Who is Davi husband Bert?

Blair Crimmins
When she’s not on stage, on camera, or on-air, Davi spends her time at her home in Atlanta with her musician husband, Blair Crimmins of the bands Blair Crimmins & The Hookers (&) Captain Crimmins & The Story Boat Band.

Who is Kristin klingshirn husband?

Bart Mattingly
Kristin Klingshirn of the Bert Show got married today in Lexington, Ky. to her long-time boyfriend Bart Mattingly.

Who are the members of the Bert Show?

We’re real and we’re funny, and we do it all authentically. Whether it’s the entertainment news, listener drama or a peek into our own lives, we serve the laughs while bringing you into our world so you can take a break and escape yours. Check back daily for new episodes with Bert, Kristin, Davi, Moe & the entire Bert Show Cast!

Is the Bert Show on Apple Podcast Real?

The Bert Show on Apple Podcasts Making your mornings bearable with the best morning radio show around! We’re real and we’re funny, and we do it all authentically.

What’s the point of having a Roberts Radio?

Roberts is much more than a radio or a speaker. It’s something to take pride of place in the home. To be seen, touched, and heard. A way to create an experience out of everyday listening.