How much is a 1971 Trans Am worth?


Low Average
1971 Trans Am $24,500 $43,500
1972 Trans Am $23,000 $40,000

What is the most valuable Trans Am?

1976 Trans Am Y82 SPECIAL EDITION.

  • 455 ci 4 speed T Tops REF#00898. Vehicle Description. THE MOST VALUABLE AND MOST COLLECTIBLE TRANS AM IN HISTORY. Trans Am Specialties of Florida is proud to present the 1976 Trans Am 50th anniversary t top Hurst 455 “L75” 4 speed with A./C.
  • What was the fastest factory Trans Am?

    Its average speed of 267.618 mph made the Trans Am the world’s fastest stock-bodied passenger car on gasoline. The Banks Trans Am GTA would hold the record for the next 10 years.

    What is the most sought after GTO?

    15: Most valuable Today, a 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO is the most valuable car in the world. One sold privately in the past couple of years for a reported $70,000,000. The most valuable Pontiac GTO is the 1969 Judge convertible with the 370-hp Ram Air IV engine. A mere five were built, all with a four-speed transmission.

    What year GTO is the most valuable?

    Though it shared the same 389 V8 engine with the 1995 model, the 1996 GTO had the highest sale ever in the GTO’s history.

    What kind of transmission did a 1971 Pontiac Trans Am have?

    … . 71 Trans Am. Real Deal, 1 of 885 4-Speed transmission cars made. I a… Very rare, one of 1231 built 1971 455 HO Trans-Ams. PHS documented. This car has it’s original matching number 455 … more 1971 Pontiac Trans AM 455 cu. in. H.O. ( high output ) four speed standard. The owner has the original motor ( WC code 455 ) t… more

    Is there a 1971 Trans Am 455 HO 4 speed?

    RARE when new and given that manual shifting 455HO’s were likely one of the most abused cars of the 1970’s, finding a quality “substantially original example” 50 years later is nearly impossible.

    Where can I buy a 1971 Pontiac Firebird?

    1971 Pontiac Firebird. Formula 400 6.6L automatic 15.5k miles AC works Non smoker Leather interior Clean paint Vehicle is located in Salida CA.. Stock Number: 1080 1971 Trans AM 455 HO – This is a beautiful 4 speed Trans AM in the hard to find Lucerne Blue. Arguably the most desirable color of the early TAs.

    What kind of distributor does a Trans Am 455 use?

    (NOTE: the original distributor has been replaced with a modern technology PerTronix D1200 Flame-Thrower HEI 455 Black Cap … it is dramatically superior to the original including twice the energy to the spark plugs)