How much horsepower can a D16Y7 handle?

How much horsepower does a D16A6 have?

Bore & Stroke (mm): 75mm x 90mm
Peak Horsepower (@ RPM): 108 bhp @5,600 RPM, 125 bhp @ 6,600 RPM (VTEC)
Peak Torque (@ RPM): 100 lb-ft @ 4,800 RPM, 106 lb-ft @ 5,200 RPM (VTEC)
Pistons/Compression Ratio: 9.1:1 (D16A6), 9.2:1 (D16Z6, VTEC)

What size of injectors is in a D16Y7?

Stock Honda Acura Injector Sizes

Engine Code Year Stock Flow Rate (cc/min)
D16Y7 1996-1997 180
D16Y8 1996-1997 240
D16Z6 1992-1995 235
D15B7 1992-1995 235

What ECU does a D16Y7 use?

Registered. You have a P2E ECU.

Does Honda D16Y7 have VTEC?

EJ6 — This is the most popular model Civic presented in coupe, sedan and hatchback. Produced from 1996 to 2000 for USDM (United States Domestic Market). This Civic has an engine D16Y7 (specs bottom), with out VTEC.

How much boost can a stock 1.6 Honda handle?

The stock motor can handle aprox. 23psi, assuming the turbo isn’t bigger than a t76. The stock ecu is only good to 17psi, after that you’ll need hondata.

Will a P28 run a d16y7?

Unless your tuned and cam timing is correct it won’t run 100%. Our advice is do a z6 head swap and run obd-1 p28. On the d16y7 running a p06 may suffice but performance just won’t be there. You will need to be tuned.

Can you tune a p2p ECU?

OBD2 ECUs can only be tuned with a piggy back (VAFC, SAFC, Greddy E-manage etc) and IMO, they suck. I would suggest converting to a chipped P28 with a OBD2b-OBD1 conversion harness.

How much power can you get out of a D16?

d16 rods can handle ~250whp max.

What cars came with a D16y7?

The D16y7 is the engine that came in all ’96-’00 Civic Cx, Dx, and Lx models.

How much boost can a stock B18 handle?

How much boost can a stock B18 handle? B18 internals can handle 300 hp when well tuned. you can run 12lbs, but get it tuned properly. u should reach 275 with 10 or so psi with that turbo.

How much boost can a stock Miata handle?

A stock BP series Miata engine (all North American 1990-2005 models) is easily capable of handling up to 8 psi of boost with decent engine management.