How much does the Brain Balance Center cost?

The Brain Balance program is 12 weeks long and costs about $6,000, plus several hundred dollars for the assessment test and nutritional supplements. Most children are advised to take two 12-week sessions.

Does Brain Balance really work?

In 2015, Wisconsin’s Department of Health Services determined Brain Balance had “insufficient evidence” to show it was a “proven and effective treatment for individuals with autism spectrum disorder and/or other developmental disabilities,” as the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel reported.

What does the Brain Balance Center do?

The Brain Balance program integrates key elements necessary to drive development and brain connectivity. This includes sensory engagement, core muscle strength and coordination, eye tracking, auditory processing, academic exercises, and nutritional guidance.

How many Brain Balance centers are there?

50 Brain Balance Achievement Centers
About Brain Balance Achievement Centers Today, there are over 50 Brain Balance Achievement Centers nationwide. For more information, visit

Is neurofeedback a hoax?

Some researchers have criticized neurofeedback as a moneymaking scam, while others have voiced concern about the lack of guidelines. Authors of a 2016 study noted that, while neurofeedback is noninvasive, available evidence has not proven its effectiveness.

Does Brain Balance have a payment plan?

We offer pricing and program options to accommodate family budgets, with flexible payment options. For a personalized quote, contact your local Brain Balance Center or call us directly at 800-877-5500.

Is Neurofeedback a hoax?

How can I balance my brain at home?

Kid-Friendly Exercises to Promote Brain Balance

  1. Try these brain building exercises to help children with ADHD, learning differences and other academic, behavioral or social issues.
  2. Aerobic Exercise: Jumping Jacks.
  3. Proprioceptive Exercise: Superman.
  4. Tactile Exercise: Number Tracing.
  5. Academic Exercise: Contrasting Programs.

What is the brain balance diet?

Many families are making the choice to “eat clean,” eliminating highly processed snacks, sweets, and packaged foods in favor of fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, whole grains, and healthy fats. It’s a healthy approach for the body and the brain!

Is brain balance a franchise?

We’re not an education franchise. As a franchise, Brain Balance Achievement Centers have been open since 2006, helping parents whose children struggle with academic, social and behavioral issues. With 120 centers open or in development, we have hundreds more territories available nationwide.