How much does OCTA bus cost?

The typical cost to ride the OC Bus system is $2 per ride or $5 for a day pass. Originally intended for youth up to 13 years old, OCTA board members expanded the pass to reach high-school-age teens, according to an OCTA press release.

Is OCTA bus free?

A new initiative approved last week by the Orange County Transportation Authority — or OCTA — Board of Directors will soon allow all passengers ages 18 and under to ride the bus for free.

What is OCTA bus?

The Orange County Transportation Authority (OCTA) is Irvine’s largest public transportation provider. OCTA operates 77 routes providing local and express service within Orange County and express service to Los Angeles and Riverside counties. Telephone assistance is available at 714-560-OCTA (6282).

Is OCTA a public company?

The Orange County Transportation Authority (OCTA) is the public sector transportation planning body and mass transit service provider for Orange County, California in the Los Angeles metropolitan area.

What does OCTA stand for?


Acronym Definition
OCTA Orange County Transportation Authority (California)
OCTA Oregon-California Trails Association
OCTA Ohio Cable Telecommunications Association
OCTA Organized Crime Threat Assessment

Are busses still free in LA?

September 22, 2021. During the pandemic, LA Metro buses have been fare-free. Some of the intended results from fareless buses have been realized — passengers don’t need to tap or pay to board, resulting in contactless entry to protect bus drivers from COVID-19 and faster bus boarding times.

Are Orange County buses still free?

Bus fare is not free while riding OC Bus. You’ll be required to pay your fare or show your bus pass upon request to the coach operator or transit police.

How can I get a free Greyhound bus ticket?

Apart from Churches, many other organizations offer free greyhound tickets for homeless and needy people. Traveler’s Aid International offers free bus tickets for homeless citizens and also discounted bus tickets for the needy. The Veterans Administration Program offers free bus rides to veterans.

How to get the OCTA bus schedule online?

OCTA Online Online includes: Real-Time stop predictions. Trip updates. Alerts with system-wide, all lines, per line, and per stop options (All Travel Modes). Vehicle locations with per line and per direction options. You can access any of these services from Stop Times, Route Map / Vehicle Locations, or the Onlinearea.

Where does the OCTA bus go in La Habra?

Daily service includes travel to STATE COLLEGE-BREA MALL and BEACH-LA HABRA. Daily travel to STATE COLLEGE-BREA MALL starts at BEACH-LA HABRA. Daily travel to BEACH-LA HABRA starts at State College-brea Mall.

When does the OCTA run on Labor Day?

Regular service that falls on a holiday is never completely dropped for dates within the current data publication. Independence Day 2021 and Labor Day 2021 trips start at 6:18am with the last trip at 7:21pm and most often run about every 1 hour 5 minutes. Select in Stop Timesfor more specific holiday information.

What kind of public transportation does Orange County use?

For those who travel throughout Orange County via public transit, ridesharing, cycling, or any other means, safety is OCTA’s highest priority. Our bus and Metrolink train services are clean, safe, and convenient.