How much does driver ed cost in Kansas?

*Please verify with the Kansas DOV if they accept completion certifications from Driving and Traffic School. Course price only $49.99 , $34.95!

Does Kansas accept online ed?

The Kansas legislature has not yet authorized online drivers education. You can still take the course for an auto insurance discount or for your own educational purposes, but if you are required to take drivers education because of your age, you won’t get any credit for this course at the DMV.

Is drivers ed required in Kansas?

Kansas requires applicants for an Instruction/Learner’s Permit to be at least 14 years old and to have their parents’ or guardians’ consent. Before the permits administration, a vision and written test must be passed, or submit a certificate of completion from driver education.

What is de99?

The purpose of the DE-99 form is as follows: Verify the identity of the student who is applying to obtain a license. The primary purpose of this form is to provide proof that the student has enrolled and later successfully completed the entire Driver Ed course at a licensed driving school or high school.

Can you take drivers ed without a permit?

No, you do not need a learner’s permit to begin classroom instruction, but you do need it for both Observation and Behind the Wheel lessons. You must bring a completed Learner’s Permit Application, certified birth certificate, and your social security card. The cost of a learner’s permit exam is Page 2 $30.00.

Do you have to parallel park in a driving test in Kansas?

In Kansas, applicants are not required to parallel park before they can get their license. However, even if you don’t think you’ll be parallel parking after you get your license, it’s an important skill to practice and learn.

How do you get a restricted license in Kansas?


  1. Present acceptable proof of identity.
  2. Age: Minimum 15 years old but less than 16.
  3. Testing required: Vision.
  4. Parental approval required: Yes.
  5. Driver education required: Yes.
  6. Instruction permit required: Yes – must have held at least 1 year.

What age can you drive alone in Kansas?

If you are at least 16 years of age, an intermediate license holds the following restrictions: Curfew. No driving alone between 9 p.m. and 5 a.m. If you need to travel during this hours, you must have a licensed driver with at least one year of driving experience supervise you. No cell phones.

Can you drive to school with a farmers permit?

If under age 16, may drive at any time: Over the most direct and accessible route between home and school for the purpose of attendance. When accompanied by an adult* who holds a valid driver’s license. NO non-sibling minor passengers are allowed.

Can I get my learner’s permit at AAA?

AAA can process Learner Permit exam requests for MA residents who meet the Learner’s Permit exam criteria. Applicants would go to either a RMV service center or AAA Office to process their Learner’s Permit application. As with other AAA RMV transactions, a reservation is required for this service.

Who is the largest driving school in Kansas?

He has been a teacher for over 30 years and is owner of the largest driving school in the State of Kansas. His academic curriculum is centered around instruction for beginning drivers basic driving Fundamentals and defensive driving philosophies.

How many hours of classroom instruction are required for commercial driving in Kansas?

When the couple inquired to the State of Kansas about opening a commercial school, they learned the State required only 8 hours of classroom instruction. Knowing the serious nature of driving and the fact that this course is about life and death, these parents opted to provide 16 hours of classroom instruction.

What is the mission of a driving school?

The Mission of our driving schools is to prepare students to become successful beginning drivers and life long defensive drivers. To provide an academic and a practical driving program to enhance the development of each student so that he or she may become a safe and successful defensive driver.

Who are the owners of behind the wheel?

Fred & Amy Elliott are parents to five children and owners of Behind the Wheel, Inc. Fred is a teacher at Shawnee Mission East High School. Fred & Amy opened Behind the Wheel, Inc. in 1998 when the school district removed Driver Education from the curriculum. Fred had taught Driver Education as a semester long course for the district.