How much does a voice over artist earn in India?

The highest salary for a Voice Over Artist in India is ₹53,756 per month. The lowest salary for a Voice Over Artist in India is ₹12,000 per month.

How much does a voice over artist cost?


Up to 15 seconds (0-40 words) $60
Up to 5 minutes (301-750 words) $225
Up to 10 minutes (751-1,500 words) $290
Up to 15 minutes (1,501-2,500 words) $330
Up to 20 minutes (2,501-3,250 words) $385

Who is the Hindi dubbing artist?

Name Language(s) spoken Known roles
Atul Kapoor English Hindi *Hindi dubbed for J.A.R.V.I.S.’s voice, replacing Paul Bettany’s voice in Marvel movies. Also known as the voice of Bigg Boss
Armaan Malik Hindi Hindi dubbed for Aladdin as aladin

What is freelance voice over artist?

Voice-over work is often freelance with companies hiring professionals for single projects and compensating talent based on the complexity of the recording or a set fee. Companies across multiple industries use voice-over artists to complete recordings for both internal and external needs.

How do I become a dubbing artist?

You need to work hard to establish yourself a dubbing artist.

  1. First of all you have to work on pronunciations and voice clarity.
  2. Create some good voice recording samples and upload them on the different voice bank available on the internet.
  3. You can start your own website, blog or YouTube channel to show your talent.

Can I be a voice artist?

How to become a Voice-Over-Artist? Generally speaking, the only eligibility criteria to become a voice-over-artist is good voice. While, it may sound very easy, but when it comes to actually doing a voice-over for a video or a character, there are many things that come into the picture.

Who is best voice artist in India?

Below is the list of top voice-over artists in India right now.

  • Piyush Pandey. Source. Piyush Pandey is one of the most popular voice-over artists in India.
  • Richa Nigam. Source. Richa Nigam is popular for her husky voice in the ads.
  • Atul Kapoor. Source.
  • Shammi Narang. Source.
  • Piyush Mishra. Source.
  • Raghubir Yadav. Source.